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Next time you have a birthday celebration these Paleo Chocolate Cupcakes will make a great addition to the party! The transition to Paleo for kids can pose challenges, especially if they already have their own food preferences. Low-Carb Cajun Cauliflower Mini-Dogs: These are a great primal game day snack that kids will love too. Orange Creamsicle Popsicles (dairy free, Paleo): These are a great summertime treat, and taste just like the real thing!

In making the switch to Paleo, you can also substitute out ingredients in your kids existing snacks.
Easy Mini Meatloafs: These take great and can be paired with baked sweet potato fries and the Paleo ketchup from earlier. Bento Boxes: This Japanese tradition makes a great idea to base a kid-friendly Paleo lunch on. The Paleo diet can provide children all of their nutritional requirements that they need to have a healthy lifestyle while allowing them to grow up big and strong.

Start with a small step in transitioning them to Paleo snacks, or introduce an awesome Paleo breakfast of farm-fresh eggs, bacon and fresh fruit. I was really in the mood for some pizza so I tried to think of how I could make a low carb snack that would have the same flavors.

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