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Low Carb Luxury, a leading low-carbohydrate-lifestyle consumer Website, and LowCarb Energy, a national glossy newsstand magazine, announced their partnership this week. The founders of both LowCarb Energy and Low Carb Luxury will join forces to provide extensive coverage and thoughtful viewpoints to participants in the low-carb revolution. Lora Ruffner, who serves as site administrator for Low Carb Luxury and, for the last four years, as editor-in-chief for Low Carb Luxury online magazine, will join LowCarb Energy magazine as associate publisher.

Coincide Publishing, LLC, is a dynamic publishing company specializing in the production of consumer magazines. Each issue of the magazine will offer wellness and fitness features, more than 50 recipes, nutrition information, weight loss advice, personal support, helpful tips and other resources to women and men participating in one of the world's most popular new lifestyles.
Under the leadership of experienced management, Coincide draws upon the combined print, editorial, publishing and magazine circulation experience of more than 85 years.

Low-Carb FreedomAnother new friend I met this year also made the list of top blogs according to LowCarb Energy — Katherine Prouty.

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