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Facts On Indian FoodMany Indians are vegetarians and the main food they eat are vegetables, fruits, whole grains, milk and plant-based proteins.
High Calorie Indian DishsesSomes of the dishes available in restaurants are unhealthy because they contain too much ghee, butter, cream and sugar. Use the table as a general guide only, as the values depend on the recipe used for preparing the dish.
Also the ways to preserve nutrition in Indian cooking are discussed.The Indian food is liked throughout the world because of its taste, texture and the benefit it offers.

These foods contain essential micro-nutrients and vitamins that produce antioxidants which are good for heart, blood pressure and diabetes.But Indians, in general, consume less amount of vegetables. The traditional Indian food offers many benefits as it contains vegetables and wholegrains, but only if cooked in a healthy oil like olive or canola or vegetable oil and in a healthy manner. John's National Academy of Health Sciences in Bangalore in April 2008.The rate of Alzheimer's disease in India is about four times lower than in the USA which is attributed to the use of spices.
Many spices used in Indian cooking protect against cancer, heart disease, arthritis and Alzheimer's disease.

The tips for preserving the nutritive value of Indian food are given below:If a recipe calls for too much cream, ghee or oil and crushed cashews, then the dish will be very rich in taste and texture, but without any nutritional value. The north Indian food, Punjabi food and the foods available in restaurants are cooked (rather over-cooked) like this and they are higher in fat and lower in nutritional value.

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