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You might expect the recipes to be all salads and no carbs but there's also warming comfort food such as a cottage pie and a beef stew.Dr Schenker, 40, told the MailOnline the meals also allow for 'sociable eating' - her cottage pie serves four and is packed with tasty ingredients so dinner guests won't know it's low calorie. Dr Schenker,believes the Fast Diet is effective because it's easy to follow and many of the recipes are quick to make ahead of a busy day.
Not at all, says nutritionist Dr Sarah Schenker who has written a companion book to The Fast Diet with Mimi Spencer.

Many of the recipes are heavy in proteins - such as eggs, chicken and fish - and use ingredients with a low glycemic index such as nuts, grains and vegetables. The Fast Diet Recipe Book contains 180 low-calorie recipes which they say will fill you up and stave off hunger.
Basmati rice contains slow release carbs so will keep you going for longer so I include that in some of the recipes.

You don't want to then overindulge on calories on the non fasting days or your weekly calorie intake will remain the same.'Dr Schenker is an expert on healthy eating after gaining a degree in nutrition and dietetics from the University of Surrey.

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