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We’ve made a list of Healthy Meal Plan Deliveries that will help you make smart choices by eating right and healthy wherever you go.
We rounded up some famous "delivered diet" services in the Metro to see what they have to offer consumers.
Aside from delivered diet food, juice cleanses (or juice fasting) have also taken the healthy market. Some who have tried delivered diets swear by its effectiveness while some say that not feeling full is a problem, prompting the purchase of more (often unhealthy) food to compensate.

What started as a small blog from Manila, quickly turned into a platform, an online magazine that boasts the stories from Manila, the Philippines and the world.
Specialty groceries offering organic food, healthy-eating restaurants, more fitness supply stores, and even diet delivery services have started popping up everywhere. Promising to help customers detox and give their digestive system a break while cleaning it out, juice cleanses are also considered by some as an extreme diet.
People who are more used to high-calorie intake might find delivered diets with controlled calorie-counts and small portions weakening and sticking to it may actually be hard.

However, these days, there are people who make a living out of providing meals that promise to help you lose weight by lowering your calorie-intake.

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