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If you’re looking to shed pounds in the new year, try one of our get-skinny, low-calorie winter dinner recipes, featuring 5 ingredients that research shows help with weight loss: chiles, beans, salad greens, vinegar and whole grains. If you’re hoping to lose weight and save money, we have just the solution for you with our cheap low-calorie dinner recipes. Using plain nonfat yogurt helps cut down the calories, while the addition of diced red apples adds volume to help keep you feeling full.6. Fresh mango chunks pair with red curry sauce for a complex taste that will refresh your palate and leave it satisfied, sans the fat.11. This finger food is perfect for summertime grilling and your waistline, with bright flavors of lemon, garlic and oregano.12.

Slow-cooking does wonders for this healthy dish of chicken thighs, baby carrots, leeks, asparagus and peas.More: 24 More Ways to Cook Chicken Tonight!
By adding these ingredients to your meals, you’ll have the right combination of healthy ingredients for a diet-friendly, get-skinny dinner. Quick and easy to make, this popular protein is low in calories and full of amino acids, which boost your body's ability to function.
Try our Minestrone with Endive & Pepperoni for a satisfying soup or our Chicken Breasts with Green Chile-Almond Cream Sauce for a low-calorie creamy chicken recipe. Each recipe is less than $3.50 per serving, which is cheaper and healthier than eating out.

But being low-cal doesn't have to mean boring and bland; if done right, light and, yes, even dark meat are ideal for keeping you on track. Try one of our cheap low-calorie dinner recipes tonight for a satisfying and healthy homemade meal.

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