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When I questioned them about their diet, I found they had one thing in common: poor nutrition and excessive sugar consumption. That's why I teamed up with top nutritionist Brooke Alpert to devise The Sugar Detox, a plan based on clinical evidence and research conducted on real patients that will help you conquer your sugar cravings for good. Indeed, I now routinely recommend the Sugar Detox diet as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for patients who suffer from premature ageing, acne, and many other skin conditions, too. Today, we take you through the second phase of the detox - and explain the destructive toll sugar can take on your skin.More and more experts now believe our diet is a major contributor to the appearance of our skin.
The collagen and elastin molecules in the skin that help your face defy gravity are extremely susceptible to being attacked by sugar. Each week, the basic health-giving components of the diet stay the same, but you also get toВ  re-introduce different foods to increase your intake of antioxidants that will undo the damage caused by sugar-charged glycation and slowly build up your body's resistanceВ  to sugars. WEEK 1The first week following the three-day Detox is the most important week of the plan, as this is when you will start seeing some great changes in mood and energy levels.The ban on sugar should continue, and you should avoid most carbohydrates this week, but you can slowly allow some natural sugars (dairy products, high-fibre crackers and an apple a day) into your diet.
In fact, research shows that a diet laced with sugar and refined carbohydrates can be more ageing for the skin than a lifetime of lying in the sun.

Today, the Mail continues this major new series that shows you how to halt your sugar habit in just THREE days - and completely change your life in 30. In Saturday's paper we highlighted the addictive nature of sugar, and introduced the 3-Day kick-start to the Sugar Detox. Nutricosmetics is the study of how nutrition and your diet affects your appearance, and is a subject of growing interest among dermatologists. The foods are added each week in a specific order to maintain optimal nutritional balance, so that healthy fats and proteins can offset the negative actions of any sugars being introduced by slowing their transit through your system. Sugar cravings should be a thing of the past, it's safe to add in more food choices to liven up your detox diet.
Apply a thin layer of the mixture to your face, leave for ten minutes, then wash off with warm water.
With delicious recipes that will replace your beloved sugary treats and conquer those cravings, clever meal plans and top tips to keep you on the detox straight and narrow, let us help you beat your sweet tooth for good.
This week you increase your dairy intake to two portions a day, and berries and popcorn are on the menu.

Follow our detox and you will lose weight, you will feel great, and you will look years younger, as cutting out sugar immeasurably improves your skin and vitality. So, the more sugar and refined carbohydrates you consume, the more your collagen and elastin will be attacked - and the older your skin will appear. Sugar molecules then circulate in the blood and bind to other components to form substances known as protein-sugar complexes - also called advanced glycation end-products, or AGEs. This is because high blood-sugar levels trigger high levels of the hormone insulin, which can set off a hormonal cascade that stimulates oil production and increases the proliferation of skin cells that can block pores - causing acne.I strongly believe cutting back on sugar is one of the best possible things you can do for your skin.

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