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Judging by her slim physique, Fox has shed almost all her baby weight in record time, just like she did after her first pregnancy two years ago.
In 2012, Fox lost all her baby weight just two months after giving birth to her first son, Noah. The Paleo diet emphasizes high-quality animal proteins, healthy fats, vegetables and fruits, and excludes gluten, sugar, dairy, legumes, starches, alcohol and processed foods. The Paleo diet is the most popular diet around today, and has a huge celebrity following, including Tim McGraw, Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Biel, Kellan Lutz, and supermodel Adriana Lima.

Proponents say the low-carb Paleo diet accelerates weight loss, lowers blood pressure, and prevents cancer, diabetes, heart disease, depression, and even Alzheimer's.
Research shows the Paleo diet works especially well for women because it reduces the blood sugar spikes and hormone surges that fuel overeating, mood swings and weight gain, said Esther Blum, author of Cavewomen Don't Get Fat.
Fox's longtime trainer, Harley Pasternak, attributed Megan's rapid post-baby weight loss to regular workouts.
Megan gained 23 pounds during her first pregnancy and quickly lost the weight by following the low-carb Paleo diet.

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