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Plant based diet weight loss success stories

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We went straight to the official 72 Hour Diet Pill website, which is essentially a one-page sales page that is very much marketed towards women. We managed to find out that the manufacturer is Doakes Nutraceuticals LLC a company based in Utah in the US and is associated to a number of other diet pills we have rejected on this site.
Focusing back on the supplement itself, 72 Hour Diet Pill as the name suggests is only to be taken for 3 days where you take 3 capsules 30 minutes with 16 ounces of water before breakfast and then again 30 minutes before lunch. The manufacturer claims you can lose weight fast with their detox diet pill and that results are noticeable within just 3 days! So after taking these pills for 3 days you should experience improved overall health, but in particular better digestive health, along with increasing your weight loss.

Aside from Caffeine, none of the ingredients are known to have any significant weight loss benefits at all! Any weight lost will be due to water weight that will soon come back on whilst you are rehydrated. This product is unlikely to be effective and promotes dangerous weight loss, for these reasons we reject 72 Hour Diet Pill. We have been less than flattering when it comes to diet pill companies based in Utah, this is because so many of the diet pill scams seem to come from this particular region in the US!
Apart from a little caffeine, the same as a cup of coffee, none of the ingredients are likely to help weight loss in anyway.

There is no scientific evidence to justify its herbal uses but still used in a number of dieting and detox supplements due to its diuretic properties.
Ginger has been labelled a top 10 weight loss food a few times, more recently in the Australian News site, for its suggested fat burning qualities.

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