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It’s one of the most iconic images when you think of Hollywood stars who shed weight for a role. Sexy Charlize Theron was on a mission to lose the weight she gained for movie Monster in time for the Acadamy awards. John David Glaude, from El Cajon, California, used to weigh 360 lbs, but dropped to 200 lbs through diet and exercise over seven months'Being overweight, you're obviously very self-conscious about how you look,' he says.'Losing the weight, I'm not as self conscious when I have a layer over my skin. But after making millions from rapping (and his shares in Vitamin Water – fact) he began working on a movie career and a liquid-only diet combined with daily three-hour treadmill walks led to THIS. And, as the Oscar-winning Texas-born star now reveals, he achieved the extreme weight loss on little-to-no food – making him bad-tempered, not to mention ravenous.

Bryon Widner, for years an "enforcer" for some of America's most notorious racist groups, shunned his beliefs after marrying but struggled to get a job due to his appearance. Two years later, she is finally on the mend after the pioneering face transplant operation. For a period of time, she was associated with the travestis, a Brazilian subculture of biologically male transgendered prostitutes.Close won the "Miss Gay Brazil" beauty pageant at the age of twenty.
While Magee herself has noticed small signs of aging and has received cheek fillers and Botox injections, she wondered what she'd look like 10 years from now given different lifestyle factors.Prince created three projected images of Magee showing her face one decade from now after smoking a pack a day, drinking two glasses of wine a day, and indulging in sugar, cakes, junk food and refined carbs. Her wounds were said to be so horrific that local hospital staff received counselling after treating her.

Afterwards, she appeared in an extensive photo spread in the Brazilian men's magazine Sexy, and was subsequently voted the "Most Beautiful Woman in Brazil."Roberta's Portuguese-language autobiography, Muito Prazer, Roberta Close ("Pleased to meet you, I'm Roberta Close") was published in 1998.
On March 4, 2005, Roberta Close acquired legal status as a female in Brazil after Judge Leise Rodrigues de Lima Espiritu Santo of the 9th Family Court of Rio de Janeiro legally recognized Close as a woman.

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