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Indiatimes virality graphThe graph shows how relevant this story is on social networks real-time. Expert views on Weight loss drugsThese medicines are avoidable and should not be consumed by just anyone. Caralluma: Caralluma is a succulent plant (cactus) found in India,В Africa,В Saudi Arabia, Canary Islands, Afghanistan, and Southern Europe.
Only those who are obese and suffering from conditions related to this should take prescribed ones, which doctors term “lifestyle medications” rather than “diet pills”.

The product is regarded as naturally the “best weight loss medicine in India” for men and women. It ranks among top 3 natural weight loss supplements in India. Cha de Bugre is a popular weight loss aid in Brazil and is a common ingredient in “Brazilian diet pills” that are also becoming popular in North America. These days, a solution that contains chemicals taken from the plant (extract) is used to decrease appetite for weight loss. These medicines are prescribed only to those people with a BMI (body-mass index) over 27, as part of a broader weight-loss regime that involves other medications such as diuretics and a calorie-restricted diet and exercise.

Health Canada has authorized some products containing glucomannan for the purposes of appetite reduction, weight management, treatment of constipation and management of high cholesterol levels. Not all people will obtain the same results and diet pills are intended to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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