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The most basic step in accessing the Law of Attraction is by paying close attention to your thoughts. Once you start to understand the law of attraction you will come to realise that you can now create the life you want by design, and not by default! I had been on a long, rough journey to reach my ideal body shape and weight for a long time from when I was 11 until in my late 30s. I discovered the subject of “mind power” and “the Law Of Attraction” (I didn’t know this name existed at the time) around the late 90s and successfully attracted various things using the processes I learned. Then finally, I realised that I hadn’t been applying the Law of Attraction in a proper way.

The reason, I think, why the law of attraction worked in attracting things other than weight loss was because I was able to let go of my attachment and trust the Universe in the process of manifesting. The recipe is not about changing your physical appearance overnight, but to change how you feel about yourself, your attitude towards your body, and your beliefs. The best way to describe the natural law of attraction is that your dominant thoughts and feelings, whether positive or negative, will find a way to manifest in your life. People who apply this natural law to their daily lives believe that all of us have a connection to the universe, and that using the power of our dominant thoughts, we can generate tangible results or manifestations.В  This is true.
However, having success in losing weight and overcoming bulimia remained so elusive and no matter how diligently I applied the techniques, I just couldn’t get the long lasting results.

When I started using the following formula, I made an effort not to think about dieting or trying to lose weight and as a result, my excess weight disappeared gradually. Stop worrying about your weight and telling yourself and others constantly, “I’m fat, I need to lose weight.” As long as you continue this pattern, you will not escape from the weight problem trap that is hard to break. Pretend that you already have an attractive body and feel how good it feels to be the person you want to be.

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