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Whether your weakness is late-night snacking, sugar, fatty foods, or salty snacks, there are ways to trick your brain into eating less.
With my bias against almost all diets, and with bias against a focus solely on weight, I feel a need to address the myth that eating less and exercising more always leads to weight loss. For example, let’s take the example of that patient who presents to the physician with complaints of weight gain, physical fatigue, and depression.
Let me explain some basic information that relates to weight and the distribution of fat in your body. IF you're trying to shift a few pounds, then the time you eat could be key to weight loss success. It is possible to lose fat eating junk food, as long as you don’t eat too much, although you run the risk of getting sick in the long run. Remember to eat right 90% of the time and don’t feel guilty about eating whatever you like 10% of the time.
A full small plate looks the same to your brain as a full large plate, but you’ll eat less.

You don’t need large amounts of grains in a day to be healthy and it wont help you lose weight. I know that when I eat my veggies I have so much more energy and feel better, plus it stops you from eating so much other stuff.
Use small dishes for snacks as well, rather than eating directly out of the bag—pour some in a small bowl and stop when it’s gone. They typically hold less than shorter, wider versions, yet they look like they hold a lot, so they may fool you into feeling satisfied with less. For proper health and appropriate weight, we need to redirect our focus to the key factors that shape our health and weight, including the correct alignment of our hormones.
The physician might even have written a prescription for the antidepressant, then recommended less eating and increased exercise. We can start viewing weight as part of a larger puzzle, which needs to be teased apart, carefully inspected, and then put back together. In the end the patient and the physician are faced with the same picture (the same symptoms of increased weight, fatigue, and depression), but now they have a much clearer view of what needs to be changed as you reassemble the pieces.

Take stock of eating style and how it might be impacting your thyroid function and your overall metabolism. From my own vantage point, the solution does not lie with reduced eating and increased exercise. To tell the patient to eat less and exercise more does nothing to address the imbalances that might exist between these hormones.
Eating less (or eating the wrong food in an effort to eat less) may further disrupt the hormonal balance, leading to weight gain, regardless of the fewer calories.
Our focus will remain on health, not weight; and our solution will stay geared toward nutrition.

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