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Weigh Down doesn't advocate particular foods, but suggests that, once participantsВ  learn to fill their spiritual hole by other means, they'll rejoice in being able to 'stop eating that candy bar halfway through'.
The main reason for being overweight is overeating - we help you discover what His will is regarding the body.' Although the Scriptures appear to be remarkably free of diet tips, the growing trend simply highlights what struggling dieters are really crying out for - someone to listen.
If they feel God is supporting them in the battle against weight gain, and can relax in the certainty that nobody's going to weigh them in public, it's not surprising the method works.

More non-judgmental support and more focus on the issues underpinning weight gain might make a difference to most dieters, religious or not. The most famous remains The Weigh Down Diet, a programme launched in Tennessee in the late Eighties by Christian fundamentalist and nutritionist Gwen Shamblin.
Her unique method of cheerleading support, underpinned with the threat of God's displeasure, has encouraged hundreds of thousands of Americans to throw off their excess flab and praise the Lord.

There are more than 30,000 Weigh Down groups in America, and the concept has just crossed to Britain.

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