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Your kitchen should be smelling pretty good about now.В  I love the smell of onions as they cook, reminds me of the fair. Take each piece of the seasoned liver and dip it into the flour.В  Coat each side well, shaking off any excess and place the liver pieces back in the same pan you took them from until you have coated all pieces. Follow these step-by-step, photo illustrated instructions for our Liver and Onions Recipe complete with a printable recipe. The way for non liver eaters to enjoy liver and onions is to serve applesauce with the liver and onions.

I live smack-dab in the middle of cattle country in the Texas Panhandle and you’re exactly right. Hi Carolina, Thank you for your comments and your compliments on our Liver and Onions Recipe.
Hi Neicie, I’m always happy to hear someone say that one of our recipes brings back memories for them.
I’d just cook the liver for a few minutes as suggested, then make the gravy, add the liver back in, and let it simmer until the liver is cooked through to your liking.

I drained the liver and then I soaked them in milk while I chopped my onions and got them cooked.

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