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With the exception of the skin, the liver is the largest organ in the body and performs over 500 functions, far more than any other organ in the body. In the days before the cleanse, it is important to avoid fried and fatty foods so your liver is not over-worked or stressed. Help to gently prepare the liver by having a glass of fresh apple juice every day for 1 week prior to the cleanse.
Whether you’re looking to detox, lose weight, or just add more veggies to your diet, green smoothies are the way to go.
I just finished doing Dr Clark’s Kidney Cleanse (3 weeks) followed by the Liver Cleanse (2 weeks) followed by the 2-Day Liver Flush.

We cannot be healthy or recover from illness without a strong, clean well-functioning liver. Clark’s recipe, she recommends using ornithine to help you sleep and she also recommends to do a parasite cleanse before you do the Gallstone Flush. I like to think I have perfected this recipe, but I certainly can not take credit for its origin.
Author and international smoothie guru Jennifer Thompson explains the benefits of green smoothies, and provides over 100 recipes that will make you start craving your vegetables.
If the liver is unable to carry out its full function, not only does it become congested and weak; all other organs will be more challenged as a result.

The apple juice helps dissolve gallstones and is a nice transition for the liver from the detox back to normal eating. It is believed that you may have to release up to 2,000 stones to rid yourself of allergies linked to liver congestion. You will need to total 2000 stones before the liver is clean enough to rid you of allergies or bursitis or upper back pains permanently.

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