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The liver, kidneys, colon, intestines work hard to keep the body functioning well but processed foods, public drinking water, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations, etc. A homemade diet* is recommended as this is the best you can do for your pet.Home cooking does not fit into everyone's lifestyle and if this is the case, it is essential to choose a high quality dry food.
Royal Canin: Hepatic HF 16 is a highly palatable, digestible, low copper, modified vegetable protein diet formulated to aid the dietary management of liver disease in dogs. This diet is specially formulated to support liver functions and reduce the metabolic demands placed upon the liver. Bake for 20 min at 350 flip cookies over, turn down heat to 200 degrees and continue cooking for 40 minute. One of the most important is to filter and clean the blood of digestion byproducts like ammonia, toxins and medications. Adding a good supplement of antioxidants to your dog's diet can ease the stress on the liver and help remove toxins and free radicals from your dog's body.
Dodds recommends a formula of 2 cups of pollack, cod or any other low fat white fish fillet to 6 cups of veggies and potatoes, or 25% pollack, cod or any other low fat white fish fillet to 75% veggies and potatoes.

Therefore, a commitment to optimum health and longevity for your pet must include a high quality diet. Unfortunately, many commercial diets add stress to the liver with byproducts, fillers and toxins. The liver also regulates the iron level in the blood, which is critical to the blood's ability to carry oxygen throughout the body. Even the small amounts of aflatoxin allowed in dog food can stress a dog's liver, and larger amounts can cause severe liver damage. Vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, zinc, adenosylmethionine (SAMe), and phosphatidylcholine (PC) will all help the body filter toxins, allowing the liver to cleanse itself more efficiently. Research has shown that a low quality diet -- meaning a diet loaded with chemicals, fillers, stabilizers, coloring agents, sodium nitrate (found to produce epileptic-like changes in the brain activity of rats who ate it regularly) and by-products -- can lead to allergies, nervousness, hypertension, diabetes, weight problems, dry skin, and many other common ailments. You can help cleanse your dog's liver with simple diet changes to biologically appropriate, natural food. Another critical function of the liver is to produce bile, which is necessary for the intestinal tract to process and digest food.

Removing grains from your dog's diet allows the liver to try to cleanse itself of existing aflatoxin and stop any additional buildup of the toxin in the liver. This recipe is for a 15-18 pound dog and to be fed over approximately one week; please adjust according to the weight of your pet.
When the liver is stressed, its cleaning and regulating capabilities often decrease, or even stop. Replacing kibble in your dog's diet with canned food or raw food will significantly reduce digestion time, which means less bile is needed. The liver will not have to work as hard if your dog is on a more natural diet of canned or raw food, allowing it to better cleanse itself and perform its other necessary functions in the body.

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