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This episode is centered around an ongoing fantasy where Doug is some kind of fairy tale knight. With claws, and teeth, and presumably fire breath, the liver dragon chooses to duel with a fork.
He does the typical hypnosis shit you see on tv and tells Doug that when he looks at his plate, he will see honkerdogs and fries instead of liver and onions. After the first bite, Doug drifts off into the fantasy where the king congratulates him and brings Patti out. The fantasy ends to reveal Doug has eaten the whole meal, and the entire restaurant is clapping and cheering and throwing their hats in celebration of some stupid 11 year old’s mundane accomplishment. Anyway, later at home, as Doug is writing in his journal, Porkchop experiments with hypnosis.
Pretending Patti wasn’t joking, there are only two outcomes of this dinner date for Doug. Doug's Dinner Date is the first part of the fourth episode of season two of Nickelodeon's Doug. So he asks Skeeter to help him practice on liking them and invites him over to dinner with his family, adding that he'll have his mother making him liver tonight. Doug's imagination: Doug is seen as a knight poking at his liver while having dinner at the table with the others asking for the ketchup when the liver on his plate morphs into a liver dragon about to attack him.
Doug then realizes that he's not ready to try the liver and onions yet and excuses himself from the table.
Doug's imagination: In the dungeon, Doug, as a knight is getting prepared when a smells permeates through his face. Later, the night before Patti's dinner, the Funnie family attend Cowboy Jacques' House of Boeuf for dinner, where Doug orders liver and onions, much to the waiters and customers' shock.
The next day, Doug and Skeeter are walking to Patti's house and Skeeter is impressed by Doug's bravery.

Doug is later seen in his room writing his latest event in his journal stating that Patti's dinner turned out great at the end.
Apparently you just put a few drops on your tongue and you won’t be able to taste a thing. Patti of Mayonnaise from Doug’s medieval fairy tale fantasy just reached into the real world where Doug is at a French restaurant that requires you to wear cowboy hats to remove his hat and offer him some words of encouragement. It's a dream come true for Doug until Patti tells Doug she will be serving liver and onions (one of Doug's most hated foods). But during the dinner at nighttime, Doug struggles to try it and just sits there poking at the liver. In Doug's room, Skeeter tries to hypnotize him into liking liver and onions, telling him that when he sees liver and onions, he would just see Honker dogs and fries. Dink for assistance, and the eccentric neighbor offers him a Taste-Be-Gone substance, which is used for not tasting a thing after making contact on the tongue. They arrive at Patti's house and prepare to have dinner, but Doug, eager to try the liver and onions Patti said she was serving, finds out that Patti was justВ only joking and sheВ says that she knew about his aversionВ towards them through his "Things I Hate Most" oral speech in class.В He laterВ discovers that they are having Honker dogs and fries instead. Porkchop, however, hallucinates and sees Doug as an ice cream cone, much to Doug's confusion. Then he immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion and won’t relent on it throughout the episode. Then Patti reveals she was just joking about that because she knows how much Doug hates liver and onions. He never would’ve impressed her into a relationship by eating liver and fucking onions.
Doug tries everything (including hypnosis) to overcome his fear, and believes he's ready to eat the liver with Patti. She also tells him that they are serving liver and onions, which Doug has a blatant aversion towards.

He imagines himself as Patti's prince and outside of his imagination, he gains cheers from everyone at the restaurant. A confused Doug once again hallucinates, seeing everyone as Honker dogs right before fainting out of his chair.
When he arrives to Patty’s house, she tells Doug she was being sarcastic about having liver and onions because she knows he hates it.
So Doug gets this idea that he’ll eat a bunch of liver and onions before Sunday so he can maybe get used to it. He takes the Taste B Gone Tongue Protector, puts it in his bathroom and says it’s time for some sisterly advice.
After this, there is a quick shot of the fantasy still playing out, but the dragon is gone and is back to just being a plate of liver and onions. While in her room, Judy suggests that Doug should look through the perspective of the food to understand it. And then he fails to tell her how he really feels, even if it’s just regarding liver and onions. He tells his mom to make him some tonight, and I guess he invites Skeeter to eat the food she already cooked for him. They have good reason to suspect you’re not going to eat that shit and they have to pay for it.
But Doug feels that this isn't working, and Judy tells him that she has never known anyone getting hysterical over dinner.

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