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The 7 inch LED Light Sticks are a great re-usable alternatives to traditional chemical light sticks! Turn the knob on the base of the 7" LED Light Stick clockwise to turn on the light and counter-clockwise to turn off the light. This light stick will last about 20 hours if left on continuously and a lot longer if it's turned on and off intermittently, which will pro-long the life of the batteries. Flashing foam stick is constructed of lightweight, ultra durable foam that allows children young and old to play for hours on end without any bruises, scuff or bumps. The Light Painting Brushes System works by allowing photographers to universally connect literally millions of light emitting devices to a limitless array of light modifying devices.
The Light Painting Brushes System is built on one singleВ piece of hardware, TheВ Universal Connector. Practically anything can be considered a light painting photography tool and used to create a photograph, the following list are just some of the more common tools. Cable releases, also know as a shutter release or intervalometer, come in varying degrees of complexity and are a great addition to a light painting photographers arsenal. The first thing that you need to create a light painting photograph is a camera with manual controls. The Digital Light Wand was created by Michael Ross it is a RGB light strip, that with the use of a little computer programming can create the most intricate light painting images.
Similar to the Digital Light Wand created by Michael Ross a few years earlier the Pixel Stick is an computerized piece of light painting genius that will allow you to create just about anything your creative little brain can dream up. Fireworks are used to produce some of the most dramatic effects that you can create in light painting photography, and they are the most fun to work with.
Flashlight and torches and the backbone of any light painter’s arsenal, we consider them our brushes. Size and Weight: Light painters often have to travel long distances to arrive on location so the lighter you can make you gear the better.
LED key lights are prefect for freehand drawing in your light painting creations and are also great for creating great starburst effects because they are super bright!!!
Neutral Density Filter also known as and ND filter is aВ dark, color neutral filter that is used as a way to control the amount of light reaching the film or sensor.
The Universal ConnectorВ is the key that unlocks the Light Painting Brushes SystemВ and itВ makes limitless light painting tools universal, simple, and affordable!
The Pixelstick is a small miracle to the world of stop motion and light painting animation.

The more lumens the brighter you torch will be and the further you can throw the beam of light.
Flashlights with a focusable beam are best for light painting photography for the versatility they provide. They are also known as colored gels or lighting gels they are used in light painting photography to produce specific colors when flashes or flashlights are shined through them. ND filters can be used to light paint during the daylight hours or when the light source is extremely bright.
More specifically Gaffers Tape, Gorilla Tape, and Duct Tape have countless uses in light painting photography. Tripods come in a variety of sizes and materials, carbon fiber tripods are a great choice they are lightweight and strong, but they can be very expensive. The software that you need to program the Digital Light Wand is readily available on over the internet. It can be used for many different applications, it is commonly used in light painting photography to create a smoke or fog look. Different bulbs will have different color temperatures, generally LED bulbs will give off a whiter (or cooler) light than an incandescent type bulb.
Chemical glow sticks are disposable and for a single use, the light is generally more even over the length of the glow stick, as opposed to the LED glow sticks that can be brighter on the ends. Lasers can create some very dramatic light painting effects but they can be dangerous to use and should never be pointed directly into someone’s eye.
If you have been light painting for awhile getting a different lens can make you feel like a photographic virgin. Gaffers tape is best to use when you need to remove it and don’t want to leave any stick residue behind, it is a strong tape that will pull away clean, however it is expensive. The most common type of camera used in light painting is a digital camera for the simple fact that you can check your image instantly on location, instead of waiting to process the film. I find that LED’s are much more versatile for light painting, the whiter light provides more of a blank canvas that you can apply colored gels to create your desired color. They can also be used to create lighting effects in front of the camera with reflected light. LED glow sticks tend to give off more light than their chemical counterparts, they are battery operated and can be used over and over again. If you are shooting a portrait and you intend on using lasers for a light painting effect, tell your model to close their eyes.

The light that they produces can give a very similar look to neon or a cold cathode, for a tenth of the price and none of the wiring work.
To create a light painting photograph the performer uses an illuminated ball or sets the poi ball on fire.
The next best tape is Gorilla tape, it is excellent for making flash boxes light tight, and for securing anything you may need to secure. If you are going to spend a little extra money on a piece of light painting equipment I highly recommend that you spend it on the tripod. A cable release is not a necessity for light painting photography but they are a great accessory.
Some cameras that are commonly used by light painters are the Canon 5d Mark II, the Canon 7d, and the less expensive but still awesomeВ Canon EOS Series of Cameras.
The main thing that you want to look for when getting a flash for light painting photography is the recycle time. Like most of the light painting photography tools glow sticks have many uses, they are used for everything В from making orbs to coloring in a scene. If you are light painting out in the darkness and you want to capture a starry sky in your scene, you will want a lens that will allow you to bring in the most light. Duct tape is also a very good tape to have around when you are light painting, I cannot tell you how many bad situations having a good roll of tape can get you out of on location.
Glow sticks can be bought cheap and its nice to have a variety in your light painting tool kit. When you open the shutter of your camera and light a scene for 30 minutes to come back and see your tripod has slipped it sucks. This is another piece of light painting equipment that I would recommend spending a little extra money on.
The best flash for light painting is probably the Canon Speedlite 580ex II, but most of the Speedlite flashes are pretty good with fast recycle times.

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