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Lichen planus (LP) manifests with purplish or brownish bumps, covered in fine whitish scales. If the LP is confined to the skin, it is much easier to treat, and we have its natural prognosis on our side, as up to 50% of cases clear on their own. Signs and symptoms of lichen sclerosus include mild to severe itching, discomfort within the genital area and white spots all over the skin. The lichenified plaques that seemed so rooted in the skin start to dissipate over several months, and will be gone without a trace once the treatment is complete. The lichen may remain localized to a single spot, or spread to a few other areas that are easily reached and scratched.
Lastly, lichen simplex lesions tend to develop on one side, according to whether the patient is right or left-handed.

Unless lichen sclerosus occurs in the genital area, you don’t have to undergo treatment. While lichen sclerosus occurs in various parts of the body, it often develops on the skin of the vulva in women and the foreskin of the penis in men. These are very powerful medicines for intractable itch when plant medicines alone are insufficient. This is not superstition or witchcraft – science has shown that many animals, and often their skins, secretions, or venom, contain powerful and complex medicinal compounds.
The external wash, or sitz bath, can bring about a faster improvement, and the patient is encouraged to continue and to not give up prematurely, as lichen sclerosus is stubborn, but well worth treating. Just dab the oil on the affected area to dry out and heal all types of skin disease including lichen sclerosus.

It also works fast to relieve all symptoms associated with lichen sclerosus – including itchiness and inflammation.
Liver congestion is the main cause of lichen sclerosus, which is in turn caused by persistent emotional stress such as anxiety, conflict, depression, or overwork.

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