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It talks about how 50% of the women with 'Vestibulitis' in a study did not express 'any' Estrogen 'receptors'.
I believe a big part of that is because progestins in birth control 'block' those estrogen receptors.
However, topical estrogen may not work for everyone, especially if it's true atrophy - but in many it has.
But keep this in mind: Estrace cream is 'not' used for its soothing qualities perse, nor to be used in a flare up typically. Estrace (estradiol) cream can be used topically 'once' a night if you can, (bedtime is best).

Estrace cream too must be gently massaged in (that's important for all of these medications).
That is also why often in a test, the blood serum levels of estrogen may be fine and normal so a physician may be reluctant to give you estrogen (Estrace) especially if you are younger, stating your E levels are fine, but it does not necessarily mean the E. Estrogen (17b estradiol) or E2, is known to have many wound healing benefits for the skin - not only for the genitals - and is considered an anti-inflammatory agent as well, by virtue of healing that tissue. They are two totally separate and distinct things, and why using the estrogen even topically can work so well as it fills those receptors from an external source. You most likely have Premarin, (name brand of an estrogen cream) which can be used, though not preferred since it's simply not natural to us at all but better than nothing if you can't get Estrace which is exactly bio-identical to our own hormones.

Don't continue the constant every day usage - whether it's a steroid OR the hormone creams.
The medical community knows this and that's why an estrogen used topically or intravaginally is so often suggested for menopausal women to restore that genital tissue.

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