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Being on a diet is never something that people are excited to do, especially after many failed attempts in which they put their hopes and expectations. However, once you decide to improve your health and lose weight with lepton diet, you will see a noticeable improvement in your weight loss. As discussed in this guide , this diet does not only work on your appetite hormones, but also gives you the power to control them. The thing about leptin is that having a high level of it in your system will speed up your metabolism and signal your body to burn fat. Because the food and exercise recommended in most traditional diets can cause your leptin levels to drop fast, resulting in your metabolism slowing right down. The second condition relating to the leptin hormone is that many women suffer from what is known as leptin resistance. The good news is that both high levels of leptin and leptin resistance can be controlled through a proper diet and exercise program. The Venus Factor secret lies in the formula that makes up the 12-Week Undulating Metabolic Override Program (the Venus Factor diet plan).
The ultimate goal of the program is for you to be able to get to a point in your life where you are no longer dieting and only eat enough food to maintain your ideal weight.
It was when John was researching weight loss diets for women he learned a shocking fact about women’s metabolism and its relationship with leptin. On a personal level he was moved by his sister’s inability to take off the pounds after her pregnancy which is what motivated him to create this weight loss diet plan for women. The Venus Factor weight loss system is a 12 week diet and exercise program that is part of 12 individual components that make up the Venus Index.
Venus Immersion is basically what you need to continue with the fantastic results and to take your diet to the next level. It’s also unfortunate that most women aren’t using the full fat burning potential of the hormone in their system as this leptin resistance is what causes women to plateau in their dieting ventures. Now I know that may sound simple but there is a very effective strategy to follow that is explained in the Venus diet.
It’s important that I mention diet supplements because although they are not widely advertised as part of the diet, they are one of 3 important factors that make it up.
Now although following the diet plan is the only element that is absolutely essential to getting a result, the other 2 factors definitely have their place. This can give your results a real boost and is highly recommended to compliment the diet and exercise plan.
So if you are interested in trying a supplement in combination with the diet, it is probably better that you wait until after you have bought the Venus Factor diet program. Some women have reported dropping several dress sizes within one or two weeks of commencing with the Venus diet. Also, another one of the best things that women love about this diet is that you can choose when to eat your meals.
So once your ready to work out your weekly calorie intake go ahead and take your measurements (page 177 of the diet plan) and enter them into the Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist. One of the best things about the Venus diet is that you will not have to purchase any specialty foods. Of course the biggest benefit to following the actual diet plan is that your day’s meals have all been worked out for you.
Not necessarily, the Venus diet works on the principle that there is no good food or bad food.
Yes, but since most of the meal plans include meat you will need to work out the caloric intake of your chosen substitutions. Believe it or not, when a woman begins dieting and exercising the stress of working out on your body can actually cause a greater resistance to leptin. This is why weight loss diets that work such as this one are by far the best approach to an overall weight loss regimen. Getting started with the Venus Factor diet menu is easy but you may need to do a little planning before starting out.
As far as the actual diet plan goes it is a good idea to read through the whole diet program as it explains everything you need to know. The Venus diet basically works on a series of deficit and maintenance meal plans that focus on different protocols such as fat, carbs, calories and protein over the 12 week program. To explain the deficit and maintenance diet plan it goes like this, it is a direct reference to your calorie intake on any day of the diet plan.

Another great aspect of the diet is that your online account includes a calorie calculator to help you work out food substitutions if you need to (if there is food in the meal plan that you don’t like or are allergic to etc). Well having reviewed the diet and exercise plan I feel I should point out a few aspects of the program that may prove challenging to some women. Note though the books can be downloaded to your device in the Venus Factor PDF format, but it just means the video workouts will have to be streamed through your membership portal. So I set myself a goal to drop 10 pounds (I know that’s not a lot!) and I was able to achieve my goal within 2 weeks of starting the Venus diet. After reviewing the program I can honestly say that this is a well-rounded and thought out weight loss plan.
If you’re on the fence as to whether you want to try this diet, my advice would be to buy the basic 12 week program and take a look inside it for yourself.
The program is based on two things; doing routine exercises and following the diet provided.
This is one of the main components, which has made the The Venus Factor Pdf System to offer satisfactory results to users who commit to it. The diet is not specifically designed to target only a few extremely disciplined women who can actually stick to it.
One of the main reasons why people do not see results with dieting is because of failure to keep up with the meal plans. The basic of paleo diet recipes is to eatВ whole, unprocessed, nutrient-dense, nourishing foods such asВ pastured meats, eggs, seafood, vegetables. Paleo diet has been proved to be helpful for weight loss, there’re one user revealed on Doctor OZ show that she has lost 30 pounds at the age of 38. Simply put, the Venus Factor diet shows you how to control a hormone in your body called leptin. This means you have plenty of leptin in your system but it is not working properly to slow your metabolism. Well, because this diet will increase your leptin level to speed up your metabolism and it addresses leptin resistance. It works by using a combination of food, fasting, organic supplements, calorie intake, calorie burn and exercise to reset your leptin level and control your metabolism. This is where this program stands out from others, it is a lifestyle change as opposed to just being another diet. He is a long term health and fitness expert and a researcher and developer of diet supplements for many different health food manufacturers in the US. So to put that in context if you buy the Venus diet program which costs $47 (USD) you get the 12 week diet and exercise program which will get you into great shape. You see over time many people bombard their bodies with too many calories which increases the level of leptin in their system. There is also an exercise plan to follow and they recommend a supplement that will really help get you results. And supplements, in particular one called LeptiBurn (a natural capsule taken twice daily) can speed up your results by increasing your body’s leptin level and your sensitivity to it. Oh, and Leptiburn contains what is known as the Venus Factor secret herb (although it’s actually 5 natural plant extracts).
Of course not everyone is the same, but given the amount of women who follow this diet and have achieved their weight loss goals is in the thousands, the odds would suggest you will meet your goals as well.
So rather than just going on a diet for a few weeks and losing some weight, the Venus Factor will educate you on how to get to your ideal weight and maintain it. But to give you an idea the diet plans in the program range between 1000 and 1700 calories.
Food substitutions can be worked out if you know how many calories there are in the food you plan to eat.
Generally exercise is a good thing for your body, but going at it to hard is not very good when you are dealing with leptin resistance. You will not be stressed out trying to work out your weight loss meal plans as you go along and the exercises are simple but effective.
Looking at the diet plan I can tell you that spending time doing a little preparation will help ensure you get the best result. You can choose whichever meal plan you want to follow on any particular day so long as it matches the recommended type of meal plan for that day (ie.
It is not just another fad diet that will cause you to drop 15 pounds in two weeks and then stop losing it.

It takes the Venus Factor diet to the next level and is everything you need going into the future.
When you buy the initial Venus Factor diet program you will be asked if you want to purchase some of the other Venus Index products such as Final Phase or the Venus Cookbook (all of which are recommended and are great products), or you can get instant access to Immersion which includes every Venus product. I hope I have answered any questions you might have had about the Venus diet, now the rest is up to you! Most people seeking to lose weight do not actually know that their weight diet plan does not need to involve starvation. It is exceptional with this program since you can consume normal food interspersed with days that require no strict plan. If you have not heard about leptin, in a nutshell it regulates your body’s ability to burn fat. This is one of two conditions that many women may have when it comes to the leptin hormone. However, just so you know following the diet plan alone is often enough for most people to control leptin and start losing weight.
Leptiburn retails at $69 for 120 capsules if you buy only 1 bottle, but the price is cheaper if you buy in bulk and with a discount.
There is also fantastic support from the Venus staff and the Venus community in the forum which stands out when compared to other diets.
So do not get to caught up with trying to work the exact dietary proportions of every piece of food.
Each diet plan ranges between 1000 and 1700 calories per day and there are dozens of them to choose from. But there may be food types in the diet that you don’t like, don’t have access to buy or know what they are. This is the other key difference between the Venus diet and other diets, it gives you an effective exercise program along with the leptin diet to address your hormone issues. The main objective of the program is to strengthen the women’s metabolism and unlock fat burning potential at the same ensuring a right and well-balanced diet is maintained. Palio diet was later more and more popular and favored by many celebrities such as Ray Mears, Megan fox and many others to use it for weight loss and better health. To begin with follow the meal plans as close as possible and estimate the calories (within reason!) and go from there.
And just about everyone who has done the diet has reported that they have achieved their goal by the end of the 12 weeks.
So you will want to examine which meal plan you want to follow a week ahead and make your modifications to it. I like to think of it as a complete lifestyle plan that will see you lose the weight you want to and keep it off now and into the future. This makes the leptin levels fall within the optimum values and the pounds kept away from the body without any hassle.
The Venus Factor Pdf Reviews have numerous surprising and successful result encountered by women who have undertaken this program.
Best thing with The Venus Factor Pdf is that it displays what exercises and diet plans are suitable for you. You need not to worry; The Venus Factor Pdf is scientifically investigated and targets on how a woman’s mechanic and metabolism operates.
The exercises do not include over-training and cardio exercises, which are normally included in most diet and weight loss programs. The result noticed within a short time frame motivates women to continue with the weight loss plan until they attain their ideal body weight. This makes women feel the urge to eat all the time and this is the reason why many end up quitting and adding more weight using a normal diet. However, your diet plan and workouts will change as you lose some pounds and your body starts to change.
The purpose of the diet program is to change the way the body uses this hormone so as to acquire results.

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