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So hopefully this allowed for some clarification as you create your simple Paleolithic diet food list. The Paleo diet consists of eating wild-animal source and uncultivated plant-sourced foods, including lean meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, roots, eggs, and nuts.[1] The diet removes items like grains, legumes, dairy products, salt, refined sugar, and processed oils.
The Paleo diet focuses on foods that our Paleolithic ancestors used to eat over 10,000 years ago.
The paleolithic diet (abbreviated paleo diet or paleodiet), also popularly referred to as the caveman diet, Stone Age diet and hunter-gatherer diet, is a modern nutritional plan based on the presumed ancient diet of wild plants and animals that various hominid species habitually consumed during the Paleolithic era.

I don’t believe in evolution or paleolithic cavemen, but getting back to the basics in our diet makes a lot of sense particularly in the wake of GMO crops, pesticides, and other toxic ways our food is currently grown and processed. The Paleolithic Diet (or Paleo diet) has been extremely popular in communities that are health-conscious. However, the Paleolithic ancestors had greater activity levels and greater sunlight exposure, so they would have had better calcium absorption.
The Paleolithic period started approximately 2.5 million years ago and ended approximately 10,000 years ago.

Grains, legumes, and dairy have all been associated with negative health consequences, ranging from mild to more severe.

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