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Our cattle are all processed by our friends at Eagle Bridge Custom Meat near our farm, at their state-of-the art USDA facility. Stew Meat is great seared and then added to your favorite vegetables for delicious beef stew.
For example, thin meats [flanks, inside and outside skirts] are expensive, yet popular – but there’s only so much to be had because it’s such a small portion of the carcass. The combinations of muscles are standard in the Meat Buying Guide, but for a Packer to create a whole new SKU, break the muscles differently, etc., there has to be a market for it.
Pigs in the Compart Family Farms’ Duroc sired meat program, are of the same genetic makeup and fed the same proprietary ration throughout the growing and finishing phases. Dry aging is an old world tenderization process that creates a more complex flavor in the meat.
Having made venison and bison jerky in the past, Allen says he’d also like to experiment with some exotic meats in the future too, but will keep his focus on handcrafting beef jerky for now.

Recent trends show bison is becoming more popular in restaurants and retail stores as a healthy alternative to red meat. Unlike commodity pork deemed “the other white meat” by the National Pork Board, Duroc pork is bright reddish pink in color. The outside of the meat becomes hard and envelops a crust, while the meat inside the crust develops a fine rich, concentrated flavor and tender texture, as the natural moisture in the muscle evaporates. It gives meat loving customers a new dining option and helps you drive additional margins for your operation.
Unlike beef, there is no quality grading system for bison; it is very lean with little marbling. It isВ  comparatively one of the most nutrient dense meats available because of its proportion of protein, fat, minerals and fatty acids to calories. On average, bison takes about a third less cooking time than beef because of its leanness.However, it is recommended bison be cooked at lower temperatures over a longer time period to preserve its tender texture and natural juiciness.

That is how I came to do my graduate work in food science, meat science, and meat microbiology. When the meat has reached its desired age, the inedible outer crust is carefully removed and discarded. Harvested meat from hay fed bison, early winter to late spring slaughters or hay fed droughts, will be less flavorful. If you are browning bison for a recipe, there is no need to drain the meat as there will rarely be any grease.
From a food service perspective, we’re giving a little bit of insurance to meat drying out when cooked, especially for less than prime products.

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