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Recognizing that we are all the descendants of hunter-gatherers, the negative impact on modern hunter-gatherers when they adopt Western diet and lifestyles may provide insight into factors behind the health problems that afflict those of us whose hunter-gatherer ancestry is more recent. The hunter-gatherer diet of the Aborigines was low in fat (lean meat from wild animals) and simple carbohydrates like sugar.
No doubt certain dietary extremists will seize on quotations like the one above regarding the lack of complete freedom of disease in hunter-gatherers, and try to use it against the hunter-gatherer diet.
More specifically, such false claims are also "dietary snake oil" when used by dishonest dietary advocates to "sell" their "ideal" diet. This suggests that at least from the viewpoint of chronic degenerative diseases, the hunter-gatherer lifestyle and diet were quite healthy.

The standard Western diet is dramatically different from the hunter-gatherer evolutionary diet.
Once Aborigines switch to a Western diet and lifestyle, they frequently develop the problems common on Western diets: adult-onset diabetes, coronary heart disease (CHD), hyperinsulinemia, high blood pressure, obesity, etc. The dietary survey component of Mann's study could not be completed due to political unrest, so dietary information had to be obtained from other, perhaps less reliable sources. In the real world of nature, diseases exist, and despite the considerably enhanced probability of better health by following a better diet, there are no guarantees in life.
Mann's paper claims both that the Pygmy diet was mostly wild foods, and that the second and third most common foods in the diet were sweet potatoes and rice, both of which are cultivated foods.

By current research standards, of course, all of these foods are well outside the definition of a hunter-gatherer diet.

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