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3.Make use of a nice long blazer that goes just past your hips, this will create nice lean lines and will cover your hip area . From glutes and quads to hamstrings and calves, your legs are powered by a complex array of muscles that need consistent yet varied attention to look and perform their best. SquatsA compound exercise, squats work multiple muscle groups in the legs including the quadriceps and hamstrings.
Side Lying Hip AdductionThe side lying hip adduction exercise isolates the adductor muscles, toning the muscles and creating the look of a long, lean leg.
To sculpt your legs from top to bottom, it's essential to include a variety of exercises in your workout, focusing on strengthening the main muscle groups of the legs: adductors, abductors, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves.

Strengthening these muscles creates more shapely upper legs and allows the hips to move more freely, improving balance and stability when walking and standing.
By including this workout into your personal exercise program even just three times a week, you can start to see improved definition in your leg muscles within as little as a couple of weeks.
Start in a standing position, shoulders back and legs hip-width apart, toes pointed slightly outward.
Fortunately, working out with a few simple, but effective at-home exercises can give you lean and toned calves.
With your buttocks stuck out and keeping your back straight, begin squatting down and continue until your upper legs are parallel to the ground.

The key to not bulking up your legs while spinning actually has less to do with the resistance on the wheel and more to do with the height of your seat. Place your hands a little forward of your shoulders, move your legs away from your body and curl your toes under. Keep your legs and feet neutral during the exercise, avoiding any turning or twisting throughout.

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