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All of these things have happened to me and needless to say it’s not how an ideal standard toilet should behave.
Or, you could do the project that I did and make sure your toilet won’t slide or leak down into your living space. After you read this post you’ll be able to adjust the height of a toilet flange, install a new wax ring, and fix or prevent a leaking toilet bowl.
Now you can lift up the toilet and set it on top of old Budweiser beach towels or a drop cloth. If your toilet flange sits below the bathroom floor the wax ring will compress over time until it no longer creates a good seal with the toilet bowl. Before you touch the toilet flange you need to adhere two pieces of blue painter’s tape on either side of each closet bolt. Insert the extra long closet flange bolts down into the slots of the old flange, align them with the marks on the blue tape, and tighten them with nuts. Make sure the toilet tank looks even with the back wall then put your washers and nuts on the closet flange bolts. Since you used extra long closet flange bolts you’ll have to trim them in order for the white caps to fit. So that’s how I prevented my toilet from leaking and sliding around while I try to do my business. When the toilet was first installed, the plumber noted on the work order that he had added a closet flange spacer. We bought a new home last summer, and since then I have noticed a fairly loud dripping sound that appears to be coming from behind the wall, behind the toilet.

Use a large sponge to sop up the rest of the water (ring out the sponge into the toilet bowl or separate container). Line up the slots on the toilet flange spacer with those on the toilet flange on the floor. This last step will help the toilet flange spacer stick to the caulk and old flange-think GRILLED CHEESE.
Give yourself a high five because this is a huge accomplishment and will ultimately prevent your toilet from sliding and leaking water. One way to test this is to put food coloring in the tank water and see if it shows up in the bowl. And when you’re on the receiving end of that phone call you learn how to fix this problem quickly. And I don’t know anybody who wants mold problems in their walls, ceilings, or floors because of a leaky toilet. You’ll want the toilet tank to be dry because it will be tilted to scrape off the old wax ring. Scrape wax residue from the toilet flange with a putty knife and use paper towels to cleanup the rest.
This will hold the caps in place and prevent them from popping off when you clean the floor or toilet. If your bowl works fine for a few weeks then leaks that indicates the wax ring is compressing too much. I had plumbers come out to the house and charge me just to tell me they didn’t hear the sound, and not to worry unless I saw water somewhere around the toilet, or on the ceiling below the bathroom (not too helpful as the point of them coming out was to prevent damage to my flooring and drywall).

Although, you may want switch out the fill valve just to ensure the toilet operates as efficiently as possible.
Grab both sides of the toilet with your hands (gross stuff) and push down with even pressure until the wax ring is compressed. We’ve pulled it twice now and replaced the wax seal, having to clean what is obviously leakage from the toilet where it meets the wax seal, and from the floor. The seal is broken between the bottom of the bowl and the ring, then water leaks at this intersection. Well it has been months and it has finally dawned on me that we only hear the dripping when someone is actually sitting on the toilet. It is the only closet flange that actually seals to the floor preventing costly leaks and damage. I’d rather see the water leak from under the toilet then notice it has rotted out something.
On both occasions when we have pulled the toilet and replaced the wax seal ourselves, we didn’t add a bead of silicone or caulking around the base.

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