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While I was at the doctor, he suggested that, after having lost so much weight and now finding myself in an infinite plateau (there were other reasons too), I may have leaky gut syndrome and that I should try a dietary detox regimine called Repairvite. As for the Clearvite, I will not be altering my diet any further, but I will be adding the rice protein powder daily.
It’s been a great learning experience thus far and am really excited to work with the nutritionist for my long-term weight management goals. I quickly regained my composure though, and since then I’ve fully embraced the new way of eating that the diet taught me. I think I have this problem of leakygut and the most bothering symptom in my case is that of non stop gas in my belly.
The term Leaky Gut Syndrome is used to describe the condition of increased intestinal permeability. Any undigested foods that are absorbed into the blood stream are now considered enemies, and your immune system will develop reactions to many of them, leading to food intolerances.
The passage of certain gut antigens has been associated with autoimmune disorders like rehumatoid arthritis, akylosing spondylitis, Hashimotos thyroiditis and myasthenea gravis. At allergy and weight loss clinic, we use Genova Diagnostics intestinal permeability test to diagnose leaky gut syndrome. Because enzymes can process the food particles down to their essential forms, anything that does leak through the gut while it is healing is less likely to provoke a negative reaction. The nice thing about enzymes is they address the damaged gut, problematic peptides, food intolerances, and nutrient deficiencies all at the same time. The digestive tract is a dark, moist environment that provides a steady stream of fluid and nutrition and is therefore an optimal breeding ground for microbes of all different types.В  There are approximately 500 different species of microrganisms within the gut (1).

Bottle fed children are at the highest risk for poor gut function due to the toxic ingredients in typical bottle based formulas.В  Breast feeding, whole-food based diet and natural toxin free lifestyle offer a significant defense against leaky gut syndrome (7). When the gut flora is damaged from environmental toxins such as anti-biotic usage, chlorinated water, industrial meat, processed food & drinks, etc.
The second arm is responsible for immune activation and inflammatory based reactions.В  When the first arm is damaged the second arm begins to become hyperactive which leads to autoimmune reactions. Once the gut membrane is damaged, we need to help support the healing of the damaged intestinal tract.
Many individuals fail to ever effectively repair their gut membrane and replenish the gut membrane. A diet high in fermented foods and essential fats and low in sugar and other toxic food sources will speed this process up.В  Probiotic supplements are especially important to speed the re-inoculation time as well. Yes, Mary – Splenda destroys the gut as well as it is basically a number of chlorine molecules. Leaky Gut Syndrome is an interesting subject because so many of us have this without even knowing it.
In some cases, this glue between our cells breaks down and causes openings between the cells which allows yeast, toxins, undigested food particles and bacteria to leak into our blood stream and is identified by our immune system which lies beneath the surface of the intestinal lining. When we have an overgrowth of yeast, parasites or harmful bacteria or we don’t have enough good bacteria in our guts, we have what is called Dysbiosis and this is what can lead to a leaky gut. When we have a leaky gut, we’re prone to developing numerous food sensitivities because all the food we eat leaks below the intestinal lining and is identified by our immune system, which reacts to these particles because they see them as foreign. Ghee, which is clarified butter helps balance the immune cells in your gut and can help heal your leaky gut.

It’s hard to eat a well-blananced, healthy diet without eating a large quantity of food. When you have a Leaky Gut condition, the damaged microvilli along the intestinal lining cannot make the digestive enzymes they need to break down the food.
Normalization of leaky gut in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is accompanied by a clinical improvement: effects of age, duration of illness and the translocation of LPS from gram-negative bacteria. To this day, when I’m eating healthy and clean, I fall back on what I learned when I eliminated those foods. The leaky gut leads to undigested food molecules, yeast, toxins, and all other chemicals that your body normally doesn’t allow through, to flow freely into your bloodstream.
Glutamine is an amino acid that’s critical for healing leaky gut syndrome because it is the most important food for the cells that line the intestines. I learned that I am sensitive to soy and gluten (especially wheat) so I avoid those, and, when I’m really good, I avoid sugar (including fruits high in fructose) and alcohol.
Of course, I seem to be on a perpetual diet so it’s best that I avoid these things anyway 90% of the time. High-throughput sequencing reveals the incomplete, short-term recovery of infant gut microbiota following parenteral antibiotic treatment with ampicillin and gentamicin.

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