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A common cause of multiple food allergies, according to many food allergy experts, is what is referred to as a “leaky gut” – or increased intestinal permeability. Treatment of leaky gut syndrome must concentrate on removing the root causes in order to encourage the gut to heal. Astute readers will note this list contains histamine-rich foods, as well as histamine-releasing foods. Diagnosing a histamine intolerance can be a bit tricky in that you can be tested for allergies, and have negative test results across the board, yet still be histamine intolerant.7 This is a case where the best method of action, is to follow a low histamine diet for a time period, and then slowly re-introduce foods which provoke a histamine response.
Histamine-induced food intolerance is not IgE-mediated.14 This means again that the best way to improve a histamine intolerance is to follow a low histamine diet, which can easily be done within a Paleo Diet framework.
Hi, i have a leaky gut and have been on paleo diet few months now eating lots of meat, avacado etc. I have Celiac Disease and food allergies such as dairy and soy, and was still feeling sick, bloated and gassy all the time, even avoiding gluten, dairy and soy. Your immune system essentially makes a mistake by treating this food as something dangerous to your body and will overreact to the ingredient in food (usually a protein) by creating antibodies to fight it. We just cannot overlook the important connection between the health of the human body and the integrity of the gut wall.

Diamine oxidase (DAO) is the primary enzyme which metabolizes dietary histamine.3 Below is a comprehensive list detailing the kinds of foods that may cause reactions in individuals with low amine oxidase activity or commonly referred to as histamine intolerance. There are other causes of histamine intolerance, besides having low DAO activity4 including ‘leaky gut’,2,3 among other commonly exhibited symptoms as seen in the second table. Diamine oxidase cannot be supplemented; so lowering your histamine intake via food is the best method of action.
I hope that after a few solid days of a non-histamine diet, I can get things back in check and begin introducing more foods and figure out how to do Paleo with this new understanding about how my body processes food. The symptoms develop when the antibodies are actively attacking the “invader” – the offending food. As stated in this study,15 the only effective long-term therapy for a histamine intolerance is the avoidance of histamine-containing food.
Manipulation of central nervous system histamine or histaminergic receptors (H1) affects food intake in rats. Histamine-free diet: treatment of choice for histamine-induced food intolerance and supporting treatment for chronic headaches. Like you say, though, eating more histamine rich foods (nuts, avocados, strawberries, bacon, tomatoes, etc.) caused my levels to overflow and my body revolted.

The most common food allergies involve reactions to wheat, eggs, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, corn, shellfish or fish.
These substances do actually “leak” across the intestinal wall – hence the name “Leaky Gut Syndrome”. These proteins are no longer identifiable as food and the body attacks them as though they were pathogens. The headaches were reduced on the meds, but never went away and I had to be careful to avoid the migraine trigger foods, such as chocolate, onions, bananas, oranges, etc. As the cycle continues and perpetuates, this “leaky gut syndrome” begins to contribute to poor digestion, mal-absorption problems, and further food allergies. Formation of these auto-antibodies due to leaking of intestinal contents can show how autoimmune diseases relate to food allergies and the leaky gut.

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