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Dietary intervention is extremely helpful in healing leaky gut and there are several gut healing protocols like the GAPS Diet, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), Body Ecology Diet (BED) and the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol. In our practice, we work extensively with clients who are addressing leaky gut and other gut issues (like Candida overgrowth, parasites and IBS) and in addition to a healing diet, we may recommend supplements or other measures to improve digestion, balance blood sugar handling, replenish deficient minerals and support hormonal balance. Healthy meats, from pasture-raised animals, are nutrient-dense and can be especially healing for the gut when the cuts include bone and fat and are slow-cooked or braised, like this pot roast or braised lamb.
Fermented, or cultured foods, are critical for gut health and not only confer health benefits because of their probiotic content, but also because the macro- and micro- nutrient content is enhanced and these foods more easily absorbed and used by the body. GAPS is a gut-healing protocol focused on eliminating and then slowly reintroducing a variety of foods to the diet so as to support gut health and address issues concerning compromised gut health leading to various autoimmune responses, cognitive and neurological issues. While I can attest to this (that a leaky gut contributes to problems throughout the body) personally and professionally, I recommend reading Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. My husband is a medical researcher studying autoimmune disease and they are only just concluding that the health of the gut may be a primary cause along with genetics.
I drink organic coffee , but have a hard time finding organic real cream that doesn’t have the preservative carrigeen in it.

This is because the Candida Diet doesn’t differentiate between lactofermented foods like sauerkraut and foods fermented by acetobacter like vinegar. This basically means that the lining of the intestine, which is supposed to keep the contents of our digestive system separate from the rest of our body (moving food only from tongue to tail), has become compromised, leaky, and allows large particles to move across the gut membrane and into our bloodstream.
What all of these diets have in common is the removal of problematic foods, like gluten, hard-to-digest grains, legumes, sugars and starches, and the inclusion of healing foods like bone broths, pasture-raised meats, organically grown vegetables, healing fats and naturally cultured or fermented foods. Full of soothing gelatin, easy to digest, chock full of easily absorbable minerals, this is a gut healing (and traditional food cooking) staple. Despite what you may have heard during the past misinformed, fat phobic decades, natural fats, including saturated fat, are not problematic for our health. We often think of cultured dairy, like yogurt, as our only option, but the variety of cultured foods spans further than that. I have heard of leaky gut syndrome, but had no idea what it really was, what the symptoms were, or what to do about it until reading this post.
I realise now that I have low stomach acid, so I am hoping this is why and when I introduce meat, I’m going to ensure I take betaine HCL with pepsin.

Our bodies then have to mount an immune response to these particles, which could be things like chemicals or food proteins, which can then in turn lead to all sorts of health problems, including food allergies, mood disorders, chronic health challenges and autoimmune conditions.
Processed, trans fats, oxidized cholesterol and refined polyunsaturated fats (vegetable oils like corn, cottonseed, canola and soybean oils) are the fats you want to avoid, but natural fats like those from organically raised and pastured animals (butter, ghee, tallow and lard), pure olive oil, avocados and non-hydrogenated coconut oil should be plentiful in your diet, especially when supporting your gut health. Whilst I have trusted the medical profession till now, they have been no help thus far and so I am beginning to experiment with different diets and foods. This article was thus very helpful but if anyone knows of any other recommended foods or products then I would be very interested to hear from them.
At the moment the best relief I have found has been a combination of liquorice tea and aloe vera juice, but it barely holds the symptoms at bay and I am becoming more certain that there is a link between other foods i might be eating and my symptoms.
Naturally I am eager to find a solution to this and I am more and more seeing that the answer most likely lies somewhere in nature as opposed to inside a doctors surgery.

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