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Called beondegi in Korean, boiled silkworm pupae are sold in small paper cups at street stalls in many Korean markets. The classic Aussie bush tucker cliche — this Australian caterpillar is a well-known staple of the indigineous Australian diet.
After twenty-something years on this earth, I’d like to think that I have a fair sense of how to maintain a balanced diet and healthy body. Then again, I guess it’s a good thing that I take my diet and exercise cues from common sense and not from K-pop, the land of completely schizophrenic diet plans and celebrities who all but lie through their teeth about what they are eating.
The first would be the Absolutely Ridiculous and Completely Impractical Diet Plan, of which K-pop has seen a good deal.
The problem here is that very few people in Korean entertainment are willing to engage in an honest dialogue about diet and exercise. It would be absolutely wonderful to hear a new tune about dieting and exercise in Korean idoldom, given that so much of the current dialogue is utterly counterproductive. Crash diets and was even to the point of being diagnosed with an eating disorder, And I gotta say I wish their were more female Asian idol celebrities out their who look like me. I think this whole crap about dieting, especially from idols who might be considered to be role models, should stop. I don’t believe that the members of SNSD are all naturally petite without some kind of diet. I can believe the fast metabolism point or not doing any diet or exercise and still be skinny.
But dieting in general is just not good, especially with the hectic schedule we know idols have. I’ve seen so many times apologist comments on how naturally skinny Asian girls are, yet at the same time we see reports saying one out of five Korean women are undernourished, or that Japanese women now eat less in average than during the famine times of WWII.

One thing is certain, before Westernization, the ideal type of body in both Japan, China and Korea was way fatter this current skeleton. That said, when they do diet, I am always amazed at how anyone could think those diets are healthy in anyway, or help them in anyway.
It’s actually pretty normal in Asia to have diets that would be scorned here in America. Korea also uses silkworm powder as medicine for diabetes as it lowers blood glucose levels. So imagine my horror when I lost all the weight and still didn’t even come close to the Korean ideal. Treating yourself right and loving who you are goes a long way than dieting to a certain number on the scale. What it is is a form of portion control which alot of people have problems with (i’m a Dietitian and I see it with the girls i work with). The author is not saying that Korean Idols are not beautiful as they are, the author’s main point is to be a healthy weight is to eat healthy.
Its hard estimate portion size by eye so if you can use cups to measure it makes it way easier.
The biggest change was Soyu who admitted to going on these huge diets to get a slimmer body. When I was in middle school, girls called me fat, and I attempted to do a partial starvation diet, where I’d only eat dinner, and only drink a bottle of water during lunch. My weight was a point of conversation at every gathering and I remember when I went to Korea when I was around 13-14 that this aunt of mine would not shut up about how fat I was and only stopped when I started crying. I still feel insecure sometimes, especially when I watch Kpop videos, but thankfully not to the point that I want to destroy my own body with unhealthy diets.

Dieting is very short term, but keeping an overall, healthy lifestyle is for the long term, which I think is much more important in the idol world.
I read the article where they spoke about the diet and they said they do it for 3 meals a day, which is fine especially for those who like to snack between meals. But then there are real natural popsicle-thin guys like G-Dragon who doesn’t need dieting.
So when I met my Korean exchange partner (KEP) and she told me that by Korean standards I would be fat, even though it was obvious that I have an athletic build and am not just skin and bone. Then, another that definitely did not offer enough calories or nutrition to be healthy, despite the ingredients on the diet plan being healthy foods. They are extremely skinny and they still diet further – for what on Earth, I have no friggin idea.
I asked her how Korean girls stayed skinny since she is one of those perfect little skinny girls and she said that they severely limit their meal intake.
Because of actions like these, my KEP admits that most girls in Korea suffer from malnourishment and are very weak.
It’s a sad insight into the personal lives of men and women in Korea and their obsessive drive to maintaining a certain image.

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