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Kitchari (kitch-ah-ree), a comfort food originating from India, is made with a lentils or “dal” (typically mung beans) combined with basmati rice, spices, various vegetables, lime and cilantro leaves. Ayurvedic practitioners swear by kitchari for its ability to balance all of the doshas and its ability to promote healing, digestive health and overall well being.
The beauty of this dish is that you can eat it for a single meal to give your digestion a break or do a full cleanse of 5-7 days where you really begin to release stored toxins and accumulation. Thank you for the instructions ad recipe as I want to begin a Kitchari cleanse this weekend or sooner. I’ve begun eating kitchari the past week and a half after learning about it from a friend.
Another quick thought, Kylie – You may also be interested in learning more about Ayurvedic Meal preparation, which uses many of the same spices and ingredients we use in kitchari, but it will also give you more flexibility to tailor what you eat to what your body, mind, and soul need on a regular basis. The kitchari cleanse is an Ayurvedic home remedy or mono-diet for detoxifying the digestive system.
I allow myself one small slice of my son’s apple and power through the next couple hours until it was a decent time to eat my first bowl of kitchari. I think that you would still have some benefit in terms of releasing mental attachments to food, and gentle cleansing with the brown rice. Ahhh yes sounds like Pitta is on the rise but the good news is that you can use the kitchari to bring it back into balance.

I decide that after three meals today I would conclude this cleanse and start a slow introduction to other foods while continuing to incorporate kitchari as part of my diet. I kept my schedule pretty free over the few days of this cleanse, which enabled me to not only stay dedicated, but to take lots of rest and drink plenty of water. This simple, soupy dish made primarily of rice, split mung beans, seasonal veggies and spices changed my whole outlook on cleansing and transformed my relationship with food and my body.
Remind yourself of why you are doing this cleanse and dig deep to find your higher purpose for it.
Let people know that you are on a kitchari cleanse and see if you can get them on board (hint: share this post!).
I tend to not take any supplements when I am doing a kitchari cleanse but taking Wellness Formula and probiotics should be just fine.
I’m so glad that you’ve gotten to experience making kitchari and have a few different kinds to choose from, this can be nice to have some variety!
Through this simplification of diet, the digestive system is given a well deserved rest, as the demand to produce multiple enzymes to break down different meats and processed foods is eliminated. A visit to an Ayurvedic practioner would enable a far more customized cleanse program, but is not a requirement to accomplish the simple goal of detoxification. Caffeine free herbal tea is ideal during the cleanse (because you will bring vata dosha back into balance) but if you are used to drinking caffeine daily, green tea and yerba mate are a good was to wean off of it.

I was going to do the traditional cleanse without all the spices though I think I May need the sustenance. On a recent cleanse I would look forward to an email from my cleanse buddy each day like I used to wait for mealtime. I chose the latter, and while restorative, the fasting is very challenging and eye opening to the many habits and dependencies I had in my daily diet. I realize that the red lentils are a bit thick for this purpose, so I decide to make kitchari using mung beans the next day.
The mung bean is said to contain the highest in nutrition and best suited for this cleanse. If you’d like to book one of these sessions, I recommend doing it as soon as you can since I only offer 10 of these a month and it would be best to touch base before you start your cleanse.
My goal is to take it easy, eat clean and get very clear about how I’ve been treating my body. It is recommended that a fresh pot of kitchari be cooked each day to preserve the composition and to avoid using the microwave.

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