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The Dave Palumbo keto diet (keto being short for ketosis) is gaining popularity on forums and within bodybuilding communities recently and lots of gym goers seem to be giving it a go in aid of getting cut and losing body fat for the summer. I’m writing this article on the Dave Palumbo keto diet to explain in more detail how the diet works as well as listing a variety of diet plans for different bodyweights designed by the man himself, Dave Palumbo. Dave Palumbo has come up with his own version of the ketogenic diet tailored specifically for bodybuilders by designing a simple to follow keto diet that burns fat yet preserves muscle.  The diet is strict, but this actually makes it easier to stick to as there is no room to cheat. The Dave Palumbo keto diet is based around a high protein, moderate fat and low carbohydrate system. The Dave Palumbo keto diet includes all of your macronutrients for the day, you don’t need to add in additional pre, intra and post workout shakes.  If you want to time your day so a shake meal is 30 minutes after your workout then that is fine, but don’t add extra shakes into the diet plan otherwise the balance will be off.

Sticking with the topic of shakes, it is best to get yourself a whey protein isolate shake to use whilst on this diet over a whey protein concentrate or blend as the amount of carbohydrates and lactose is significantly less in whey protein isolate. If you can’t find omega 3 eggs then simply supplement with 3x1000mg of omega 3 caps spread throughout the day.  You can also take 3x1000mg of evening primrose oil caps for additional EFA’s. Diet drinks are OK on the Dave Palumbo diet but do limit your intake.  However some people are more sensitive to the artificial sweeteners used in them than other so it is recommended that you leave them out of the diet if possible.
It is OK to consume black coffee (obviously no milk or sugar) but once again try to limit your intake to 1 or 2 cups a day.В  It is best to leave coffee out completely for the first couple of weeks whilst your body reaches a state of ketosis.
Don’t go mad with your re-feed meal, this can be one of the key areas with the Dave Palumbo diet where people slip up.  Consume a sensible amount of carbohydrates but don’t over do it!

Hello, I am currently on week 9 of Dave Palumbo's ketogenic diet and I really like it. I understand that when you have your cheat meal you need to replace meal 6 for the carb meal. You are free to change like for like, for example chicken for turkey as a lean protein source.  Or asparagus for broccoli as a green vegetable source, but don’t start adding and removing key areas of the diet.

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