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To make your body get into the ketogenic condition, you have to apply high-fat diet and low protein with very low carbohydrate assumption. If there are different paths of diet then one of which is increasing metabolism and burning fat faster. There are very few hurdles and certainly no hardships to get over to lose the weight that is slowing you down, and potentially setting you up for a myriad of illnesses – even an early death. I knew there was a different answer and made it my job (our job actually as my daughter had also gained a lot of weight lately and also needed answers) to find the real solution to lasting weight loss. The real solution is a healthy diet and the first ideal we had to overcome was the notion that just because a food is natural does not mean it is healthy.
You can buy our book (or you can research for days and months like we did) to learn about ketosis (the fat burning action) and come up with a diet plan that works for you. You can research for days and months to find enough proof to believe that weight loss at 50 is possible, and not hard, and doesn’t require swimming for over an hour a day, every day. LCHF Diet BookThis website supports "The Complete Low Carb High Fat No Hunger Diet" book which became available for sale in May 2014.
So if you’re thinking about making a diet of this nature it is important to know what ketosis is, what are its benefits and its drawbacks.

You can gain weight and still be hungry all the time even if you add high-fiber bread to that diet.
Feed your body in a way that fuels it, nurtures it, and helps it to correct the metabolic issues that caused you to gain weight in the first place. My doctor is happy with my current weight loss and last physical and says I don’t need to lose more but I think I shall let my body decide. Losing weight quickly is very tempting, but not always healthy, so before starting a diet of these features, see your doctor to avoid any adverse effect. I’m walking proof that weight loss after 50 is a walk in the park, once you know the truth. I have lost another 4 pounds since October 10 (the day I celebrated a 50 pound weight loss at 50 years of age). Now that I know how much trouble they can cause our bodies (not just weight gain) it is easy to pass it over at meals. A month or so into the diet Veronica and I found that a carrot tasted almost too sweet, cream was perfectly sweet on its own, and an apple was like candy. I hope so anyway, it is more than a little embarrassing to show the world how I looked before I lost the weight.

That’s only a pound a week but since I am not consciously trying to lose weight and I no longer count calories I am fine with that. The weight loss was instant, I absolutely plied on the cream, felt no guilt as I used to when I I ate chunks of cheese as a snack, and have had no cravings for bread, pasta or rice, Infact, when you think about it they are all so bland on their own, it’s always the tasty stuff that sits on top! If your body weight is about 150 pounds, it is great to consume 150 gram of protein every day. You have to reach the ketosis condition with reducing and even losing carbohydrate from diet menu.
Then, consume it for four times of calorie content that means you need 600 calorie per day to have ketogenic diet weight loss.

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