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TheВ Ketogenic DietВ is getting lots of attention- with tabloidВ websites publishing typical hype weight loss stories about vacuous celebs like Kim Kardashian, zealous bloggers pushing keto keywords to sell books about weight loss and health benefits they’ve yet to experience (you know who you are), obesity rates increasing, and an increasing portion of the populace fed up with being fat and sickly, this high-fat low-carbohydrate method for shedding excess body fat is getting lots of buzz.
KetoВ style diets can be a highly effective way toВ shed bodyfat and maintain lean muscle mass while improving health and biomarkers and it’s not just a fad- low carb diets have been used to loseВ body fatВ for hundreds of years.

A ketogenic diet is a low carbohydrate diet where the body relies on fat for fuel rather than glucose. There are a wide array of potential health benefits to a ketogenic diet that are now being studied including neuroprotective effects.

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