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Not wanting to spend his life like this Mike somehow managed to wean himself of all of the epilepsy medications (not something he recommends anyone does without medical supervision!) and used his own modified version of the Ketogenic Diet along with intense bodybuilding to regain his health and life.
Mike shares his uplifting story and a mountain of wisdom about diet and healing epilepsy in this short interview. Click here or look below the video for links to the The Cantin Ketogenic Diet for Cancer, Type 1 Diabetes and Other Ailments, including Epilepsy.

See ourВ interview with Elaine CantinВ on how she is healing her own breast cancer with her modified version of the standard ketogenic diet. I have adapted my diet and implemented some of the characteristics of the ketogenic diet, or in other-words I follow a version of the improved Atkins diet. Elaine is using her own modified version of the standard Ketogenic Diet to cure her own breast cancer and also is testing the diet for her son’s Type 1 Diabetes, with excellent results in both cases.

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