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The Paleo diet, Dukan diet and the ever-popular Atkins diet are based on the Ketogenic diet plan.
I first came across Ketogenic diets when my then 7 year old son developed benign Rolandic epilepsy and was admitted into hospital. But when our little boy had another episode a month later, we started to seriously consider the ketogenic diet.
Kiran is on a modified Ketogenic diet which is heavy on lean meats, middling on vegetables mostly raw, so salads are it and a very tiny portion of carbs in the form of potatoes, gluten free pasta and brown rice. My speculation is that a ketogenic (or high-fat) diet helps in NBIA by allowing Coenzyme A, the crucial enzyme which is under-generated in NBIA, to be redistributed from organs like the liver and muscle, where it is manufactured in abundance, to the brain where it is most needed. An aside: I’ve been hearing recently from a number of people who experienced great benefits in neurological conditions – NBIA, epilepsy, migraines, and others – following the ketogenic version of our diet, and later transitioned to the regular version of PHD with more carbs and less fat, and continued to maintain all the neurological benefits they had first achieved on the ketogenic diet.
I too have had Raynaud’s all my life … In the past two months, I have modified my diet in line with Paul’s suggestions for Migraine.
This is already a long blog post, so I won’t go into an analysis of why and how the ketogenic variant of the Perfect Health Diet can cure migraines, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep. I realize that you’ve already tried those, Kate, and didn’t notice an effect, but you may notice a benefit now that your diet is better. I believe that fading benefits are likely a result of eating the wrong diet, and that on the ketogenic version of the Perfect Health Diet the good effects will prove permanent. It’s a little hard to nail down the exact cause of the bone fractures and stunted growth because the diets were so atrocious.
Purified diets without added ultratrace elements support growth and reproduction, but investigators have noted that animals exposed to stress, toxins, carcinogens or diet imbalances display more negative effects when fed purified diets than when fed cereal-based diets. The second problem, from my point of view, is that they made little use of short-chain fats and ketogenic amino acids to make the diet ketogenic. All of the parents interviewed preferred the diet over medications; 12 cited fewer side effects (such as cognitive dulling, sedation, ataxia, and behavioral problems) from medications that were successfully discontinued, and 11 cited decreased seizure frequency over medications as their primary reason. The ketogenic diet had more than 6 times the fat of the control diet, the same amount of protein, and no carbohydrate at all. The ketogenic diet also had lower micronutrient levels (“Ash” and “Vitamin”) than the control diet, and much higher omega-6 levels.
Rats were fed ad libitum, meaning they could eat as much as they liked; they chose to eat twice as many calories on the ketogenic diet.
You can see in panel A that rats on the control diet weighed more than rats on the ketogenic diet.
The paper did not measure length of the rats, but I would bet that the ketogenic diet rats were not only lighter, but shorter as well. Like the children on Johns Hopkins Hospital’s diet for epilepsy, these malnourished rats experienced stunted growth. As we discussed in the first post in this series, Ketogenic Diets, I: Ways to Make a Diet Ketogenic, there are 3 ways to make a diet ketogenic. Via Nigel Kinbrum comes an interesting paper [3] exploring the use of branched-chain amino acids as an adjunct to ketogenic diets for epileptic children. Regarding the improvement of seizures, we found 3 patients who had already achieved a reduction of seizures on the ketogenic diet to experience a complete cessation of seizures, while 2 other patients had a further reduction of seizures from 70% on ketogenic diet to 90%. Lysine, the other purely ketogenic amino acid, is generally considered to have no significant toxicity. I believe the extreme limits on carb and protein intake in conventional clinical ketogenic diets are responsible for their growth stunting, muscle destroying, fattening effects. In order to supply sufficient protein and carbs while maintaining ketosis, it is necessary to provide ketogenic short-chain fats and amino acids. Personally, I wouldn’t attempt a long-term ketogenic diet without the aid of coconut oil (or MCTs), lysine, and the branched chain amino acids. I was going to write a single post about how to implement a therapeutic ketogenic (ketone-generating) diet. I soon realized that with so many factors affecting diet design, it would be hard to fit everything into a single post.
Maybe we’ll look at some other diseases after that, or maybe I’ll just move on to the lemon juice series I’ve been planning. This makes it a bit easier to understand why ketogenic diets have not yet become standard therapies for neurological diseases.
If your diet could include only compounds found in the body – glucose, complete protein, and long-chain fats stored as triglycerides or phospholipids – then we can use the above numbers to estimate the “ketogenic potential” of the diet.

The ketogenic formula was originally developed by Wilder at the Mayo clinic in the 1920’s. A mix of amino acids that is not “complete,” but is biased toward the ketogenic amino acids. So if the diet is rich in leucine and lysine, but poor in glucogenic amino acids, then it will be highly ketogenic. Buy our bookPerfect Health Diet: Regain Health and Lose Weight by Eating the Way You Were Meant to Eat is a great way to understand the dietary and nutritional practices that lead to optimal health. Ketogenic DietВ Plan is a special medicated high-fat diet plan, which has exclusively been designed to save children from epileptic seizures. Jim Abraham, Hollywood producer used the diet plan to treat his child who was suffering from severe epilepsy. Almost one third of children kept on ketogenic diet have been able to get complete relief from seizures. For checking the suitability of diet plan on your children, doctors recommend to notice the impacts of the diet plan on your children for at least one month.
Doctors generally recommend keeping the children on same diet for two years and when they notice improvement in seizures, they gradually starts including normal foods into their diet plan. Just like all other popular treatments for epilepsy, ketogenic diet also has some side effects.
Appreciate your children for supporting and cooperating with you in abiding by the diet plan. Should you try ketogenic diet on your children for treating epileptic seizures, always do that under the guidance of medical experts.
I’ll share with you the effectiveness of Ketogenic diet and yoga for epilepsy through my own personal experiences. My wife and I were given the skinny version on the diet and advised that it was not a particular healthy diet because of the high fat proportion. He was given anti epileptic drugs as well which we really did not want him on but wanted a more holistic approach to controlling the seizures. As outlined in our earlier video on Ketogenic diets, the removal of carbs from our diet tricks the brain into thinking that the body is in starvation mode. We put him on a modified ketogenic diet, plenty of water, less to nil carbs and sugars, limited tv viewing and computer usage, regular yoga and meditation and early bedtimes. I wrote about their case in Ketogenic Diet for NBIA (Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation), February 22, 2011. Mathias and another boy who tried the diet, Zachary, regained control their limbs, and the spasms and pain went away.
The Four Steps of the Perfect Health Diet eliminate food toxins, optimize nutrition, and enhance immunity; therefore they remove most of the causes of disease and should render most diseases curable. Hopefully we can bring the good news to others, and gather more evidence to prove that diet is the best therapy – for migraines, and for many other diseases as well.
Effect of high-dose vitamins, coenzyme Q and high-fat diet in paediatric patients with mitochondrial diseases. Our immediate goal is to help the NBIA kids, Zach and Matthias, but most of the ideas will be transferable to other conditions – and even to healthy people who engage in occasional or intermittent ketogenic dieting for disease prevention. Skeletal fractures occurred in 6 of 28 children following the ketogenic diet for 6 years; 4 children had fractures at separate locations and times. First, purified diets are notoriously unhealthy; they are missing all kinds of helpful compounds found in real food.
Use of short-chain fats and ketogenic amino acids can trigger high ketone production even on a nourishing diet. You don’t often see bodybuilders or Olympic weight lifters who eat a continuously ketogenic diet.
Which brings us to a rat study [2] discussed by CarbSane in her post “Ketogenic Diet increases Fat Mass and Fat:Total Body Mass Ratio”.
Since protein has to be converted to glucose on zero-carb diets, this ketogenic diet is actually protein restricted.
One of them is severe protein+carb restriction, but the other two – short-chain fat consumption and supplementation of the ketogenic amino acids lysine and leucine – can generate ketosis even if substantial carbs and protein are eaten. As far as we know, it is the first time branched chain amino acids have been used in patients with epilepsy and we had to be very cautious with their administration.
Providing exclusively leucine as an adjunctive treatment to ketogenic diet is impossible because it is toxic when consumed out of proportion to valine and isoleucine….

If we have to add other branched-chain amino acids to avoid leucine toxicity, it would be better to add isoleucine, which can be ketogenic, than valine which is only glucogenic. Providing supplemental amino acids to epileptic children on ketogenic diets improved their health and allowed them to maintain ketosis with higher protein intake.
Ketogenic diet-fed rats have increased fat mass and phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase activity. Branched chain amino acids as adjunctive therapy to ketogenic diet in epilepsy: pilot study and hypothesis. There are various ways to make a diet ketogenic, and different ways are appropriate in different diseases. The lemon juice and acid-base balance issues will fit in nicely since kidney stones and acidosis are risks of ketogenic diets and lemon juice relieves those risks. Epileptics caught a lucky break – the ketogenic diet was already in use for epilepsy in the 1920s. Richard Bernstein in his Diabetes Solution to help people appraise the ketogenicity of a diet. We have to look at diseases and diet risks to figure out which way of making the diet ketogenic is optimal.
Should the children suffering from epilepsy be kept hungry for more than 24 years, their body will naturally start finding some other source of energy.В And this is the time when their body will start burning fat to gain energy from it. Each and every meal of ketogenic diet has been allocated in the ratio of 4:1 for fats and carbs to proteins. Another third part of children got half relief and rest of them couldn’t continue with the diet plan, due to exceeding side effect of the diet.
Should you notice any improvement in the condition of your children while using the diet plan, you can stick to the diet plan. Since the diet plan lacks in vital vitamins, you shall take several vitamin supplements to fulfill their deficiency. When there will be a reduction in seizures due to the diet, they indeed will eat according to the plan.
Dairy products are eaten in small amounts even though they are allowed as part of the traditional Ketogenic diet.
Rob was willing to fast for 30 days (!); Kate read the book in January and was able immediately to make substantial diet, lifestyle, and supplement changes. The ketogenic diet rats had more fat mass but less body mass; they had obviously lost muscle and bone mass. The ketogenic diet’s therapeutic potential for other neurological disorders probably couldn’t have been appreciated until after 1967, and by then medicine had turned its back on dietary therapy. And the best part of the diet plan is its impacts persist, even after discontinuing the diet plan. Doctors have been unable to figure out the reasons why high fat diet is so effective in treating seizures. You can also continue the medication for your children, along-with the diet program to get faster results.
Glucose produced in this way appears to stop seizures or reduce the number of episodes that happen in childhood epilepsy. You can achieve both by eating carbs for glucose, but also eating short-chain fats and ketogenic amino acids to make ketones.
Only certified dietitians and nutritionists should tailor the diet plan for your children according to his particular symptoms. Elevated level of ketones in the blood leads to a state named Ketosis, which combats against epileptic seizures. In addition to that, variation in response to ketogenic diet is also beyond their understanding.
We’ll look at what they’re eating now, and consider ways they might be able to improve their diets further – and, hopefully, get further improvements in health, longevity, and function.

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