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Here’s the problem: eating more frequently doesn’t prevent hunger or stop the urge to binge. Eating more frequently, while it certainly works for some people, can also provoke an insatiable urge to binge.
Studies support that fasting then feasting, or having less frequent meals, doesn’t decrease your metabolism. I find that when I don’t have a highly scheduled day planned (like on the weekend) that I often only eat two meals a day.

I get up early as well 4am some days for work and keep my first meal until after midday and stop my meals at 8pm. Hunter-gatherer meal patterns, with large dinners and little to eat during the day, seem more natural. And I was so hungry after finally eating that first meal that I felt I couldn’t get satisfied even though I knew I had eaten enough. This is where I have a large evening meal between 6 and 7 PM and then fast all the way until 12 noon the following day, which is when I take a medium-sized lunch.

For my main meal in the evening I will have a rather large portion of whatever meat or fish I feel like eating along-side a large serving of vegetables.

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