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PlayThe ketogenic diet is for people with epilepsy who do not respond to treatments, including anti-seizure medicine. About one-third of people with epilepsy will eventually develop refractory epilepsy; which means that medicines don't work well, or at all, to control the seizures.
Klein and colleagues reviewed adjunctive ketogenic diet (KD) and modified Atkins diet (MAD) treatment of refractory epilepsy in adults.
The ketogenic and modified Atkins diets include items such as bacon, eggs, heavy cream, butter, leafy green vegetables and fish. The researchers reviewed five studies on the ketogenic diet with a total of 47 people included in the analysis and five studies on the modified Atkins diet with 85 people included.

The researchers found across all studies 32 percent of people treated with the ketogenic diet and 29 percent of people treated with the modified Atkins diet achieved 50 percent or more seizure reduction, including nine percent in the ketogenic treatment group and 5 percent in the modified Atkins group had a greater than 90 percent reduction in seizures. Possible barriers to large-scale use of both diets in adults include low rate of diet acceptance and high rates of diet discontinuation. In summary the researchers write “ketogenic diet and modified Atkins diet treatment show modest efficacy, although in some patients the effect is remarkable.
In closing Klein commented "Unfortunately, long-term use of these diets is low because they are so limited and complicated.
She provides various treatments and therapies including food medicine, reflexology, champissage and more.Her belief is treating the person as a whole and not just the symptoms.

Fifty-one percent of the ketogenic diet and 42 percent of modified Atkins diet treated patients stopped the diet before study completion.
Refusal to participate was due to diet restrictiveness and complexity, which may be greater for ketogenic diet than the modified Atkins diet.

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