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Much like most things in cancer, including chemotherapy, biologic agents, and even radiation therapy, we do not quite know exactly how a ketogenic diet works. Other data has shown that this occurs due to deficient and defective mitochondria.В  Since mitochondria can create energy from proteins and fats, this deficiency leaves cancer cells reliant on glycolysis, or the breakdown of sugar, for energy. Due to their faulty mitochondria, cancer cells also rely on glucose to fix free radical damage.9-13В Much like our normal cells, cancer cells are constantly experiencing bombardment with free radicals, and maybe even more so than our cells. Finally, several of the pathways listed above can decrease chemotherapy and radiation sensitivity of cancer cells, or in other words, make cells more resistant to these treatments. In the next decade, the power of diet, exercise, and specifically ketogenic diets in the prevention and treatment of cancer may take a front seat within the field of oncology. There is however an other quite prominent factor affecting BS availability when swithching from standard diet to low carb or ketogenic diet: The postprandrial blood sugar peaks after meals disappear! A switch to strict low carb will therefore probably immediately slow cancer growth due to this simple effect, considering that cancer cells would be the ones to fastest gobble up excess.
Would it be possible for you to list a sample of a one day keto diet so we could get a better idea.
Also the cancer cells are very inefficient at extracting energy (or making ATP) from the glucose it does capture.

A ketogenic diet is just one of many nutritional and lifestyle interventions that may prove valuable in the fight against cancer. Groesbeck DK, Bluml RM, Kossoff EH: Long-term use of the ketogenic diet in the treatment of epilepsy.
Aykin-Burns N, Ahmad IM, Zhu Y, et al: Increased levels of superoxide and H2O2 mediate the differential susceptibility of cancer cells versus normal cells to glucose deprivation. Simons AL, Ahmad IM, Mattson DM, et al: 2-Deoxy-D-glucose combined with cisplatin enhances cytotoxicity via metabolic oxidative stress in human head and neck cancer cells. Abdelwahab MG, Fenton KE, Preul MC, et al: The Ketogenic Diet Is an Effective Adjuvant to Radiation Therapy for the Treatment of Malignant Glioma.
In our weekly metabolic support meeting, the metabolic attending did not even know what a ketogenic diet was when it was prescribed to a patient with seizures! While, as you point out, the body attempts to hold serum glucose in a relative narrow range so there is enough glucose to supply the red blood cells (and the few other cells missing mitochondria), the cancer is a “local” sink for that glucose but the red blood cells are a global sink. A search of PubMed and other web sites like the universities and cancer advocacy group sites yields a number ot things like vitamin D and curcumin that have shown cancer inhibitory properties.
Retrospective data has shown that in patients with GBMs, the higher their blood glucose, the worse they do with treatment. A ketogenic diet allows the body to rely on the mitochondria for energy.В Lastly, mitochondria are the organelles within our cells that can recycle old parts or kill cells that appear to be malfunctioning, or in other words mitochondria are used to kill cells in our body that may turn malignant.

Activation of the insulin receptor and several pathways downstream within cancer cells allows them to more readily fix damage from chemotherapy and radiation. I keep telling him to read up on ketogenic diets and cancer and it is great to have a short (ish) write up to send him that is written by someone credible. These things would stress the cancer cells such that they would need added energy to undo the stress damage so they could continue to grow. Upregulating the mitochondria may serve as a way to increase our body’s housekeeping processes that can eliminate potential cancerous cells.
Another way to say the preceding is, gluconeogenesis takes place mainly in the liver, which usually remote form the cancer, the blood must carry the glucose to the cancer, thus the blood gets the first access to the glucose and the cancer gets what is left. BUT, with the huge amounts of glucose that ingested in the typical diet, gluconeogenesisis not needed to keep the blood serum levels up, and there is always more than enough for the cancer.

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