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What seemed like a ton of onion, garlic, oregano and mint in proportion to the meat at first, ended up being just the right amount of flavor to make these taste distinctly like the keftedes I so often enjoy at Greek joints in my neighborhood. Keftedes are probably one of my favorite kinds of food – crispy outside, light oh-so-flavorful inside small fried (or baked) fritters of yumminess.
Roasting the carrots in this recipe really intensifies their flavor and sweetness and though many vegetable keftedes are made with eggs or cheese, they’re not missed in this traditional vegan (or Lenten) version. This recipe makes 18-20 carrot keftedes and can easily be double or triple with great results.

Hmmmm…… Stella, my concern with the substitution of sweet potatoes is that they contain a lot more water than carrots and that might lead to very soggy keftedes. The size of the keftedes is up to you.  They can be made the size of walnuts, or smaller if you want to use them as an appetiser or much larger if you are in a hurry but you need to watch that they are cooked through. And carrot keftedes are a great way to use up stored winter carrots as well as older, less pretty carrots too.
If you have time, once you’ve returned В the now completely combined keftedes batter back into the bowl, cover loosely with plastic wrap and refrigerate for an hour or so to let the flavors really meld together.

Carrot keftedes are also delicious drizzled with tahini lemon sauce and served with fried potatoes.

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