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Note: Before starting any cleanse, make sure to consult your physician, especially if you have a medical condition like diabetes.
Follow this quick and healthy cleanse plan to get your body in tip-top shape for the summer.
Each day, you'll enjoy green tea with stevia in the morning with a delicious blender drink consisting of water, flax seeds, raspberries, bananas, spinach, almond butter and lemon (see the photo for the exact proportions). The guide is designed to supercharge your weight loss, cleanse your body and make you feel mentally and physically at your best.
If you decide to try the three-day cleanse, Joe recommends flushing your body and improving your diet for two days before you start.

Junger's cleanse is designed to repair your gut layer by layer, thus enhancing your digestion and energy levels. For three days, plan on drinking only juice and eating one meal a day that consists of fruits and vegetables.
Use this shopping list and prebiotic shake recipe to accompany his 3-Day Jumpstart Cleanse.
For three days, he suggests starting the day with a prebiotic shake and taking a series of supplements that will help promote healthy gut flora and nuture both your immune and digestive systems.
By removing artificial flavors and chemical substances from your diet, you’re helping prepare your body to live a healthier and more natural lifestyle.

Fuhrman feels that juicing can be used to jump-start weight loss, retrain your taste buds to savor the pleasures of fruits and vegetables and even help those with hypertension or autoimmune diseases. During your cleanse, drink five juices daily, with one meal that consists of only fruits and vegetables. Take the Oz-approved 3-Day Detox Cleanse today and get started down the path to a healthier you.

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