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On the Fast Diet, dieters fast two days of the week and eat whatever they want the other five days.
Studies show that people who followed the 5:2 diet experienced fast weight loss without deprivation.
These steps represent a fast track back to your healthy lifestyle and successful weight loss journey. Now that the new year has kicked off, weight-loss and diet books are all the rage, with people clamoring for the fastest way to drop the pounds. Dieters typically eat 500 calories (600 for men) on their "fasting" days and follow their normal diets the other days. Author Kris Carr overhauled her diet after being diagnosed with cancer, but got healthy after following a diet consisting of lots of vegetables and fresh juices.

The Paleo diet was the most popular diet of 2013, thanks to its capacity to produce dramatic weight loss without deprivation. The Paleo diet emphasizes high-quality animal proteins, healthy fats, vegetables and fruits, and excludes gluten, sugar, dairy, legumes, starches, alcohol and processed foods.
For most it is a mad rush to get back into shape or back on plan where we feel ‘safe.’ The issue many have is not having a game plan to get back into their routine in the most efficient way possible.
Chopra said practicing mindful eating, meditating, and controlling stress helps you enjoy improved health, happiness and effortless weight loss.
Author Diane Sanfilippos provides a gluten-free eating plan that promises to accelerate weight loss and prevent disease. Juice Blue Print Cleanse - my experience with it - RecipeGirl I found Odwalla and Naked juices worked well.

Try the Fat Blaster for an amazing detox, to surpass a plateau or to simply shed those last few pounds. Don Colbert that lays out a plan for cleansing Review: Naked Juice Green Machine All Natural Blended 013-04-04 Today I weigh myself after going 7 full days on nothing but Naked Green Machine juice, a few sips of 100% carrot juice water!

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