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Steve shares his journey with interesting and honest insights into some of the challenges he faced during the 30 days.
There are a lot of things that inspired me to juice fast but the catalyst for me to truly begin came from a documentary I saw.
In the first week, there were days when I would have nightmares about breaking my fast with the craziest combinations of foods, like giant orange gumballs and Cheez-Its. After the second week, I could assemble and dismantle my juicer like a soldier would his rifle if asked by his drill sergeant AND in record time!

This site is close to my heart as I have invested many thousands of hours researching about healing through juicing, which has brought me to where I am today.
I didn’t want to ruin my efforts by running to White Castle, buying 30 burgers and putting back on the weight I lost and some.
As for my juicing regimen, I drank 3-4 pints of green juice daily along with plenty of water. I would weigh myself every Sunday when I went to visit my dad and the scale’s numbers kept on dropping.

Shell out for the expensive one because if you buy a compact model, you’ll be at it forever trying to make juice.
I think dog poop would probably have tasted like a five star restaurant gourmet meal to a juice faster at the end of their fast, but I’m not going there.

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