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FROM RECIPES TO TIPS THE GREEN JUICING DIET provides everything you need to know to get started on a green juicing diet, from choosing the perfect juicer to learning how to create your own delicious green juices and smoothies.
We've all heard about the benefits of detoxifying, but the process can have negative effects unless done correctly. Many people might be wary of delving into the world of juicing, particularly green juicing, but this guide helps alleviate that hesitation. You can add other food but the juice has to be the color green for it to be considered green juicing.
I'm still worried to try it especially since it's 3-7 days of only juice I would like to start doing it after a weekend of drinking & greasy food! This book includes a wide range of juicing techniques and surprising ingredients, everything from broccoli and apples to pomegranates and even sweet potatoes!

It clearly and specifically explains everything from the benefits of juicing, the supplies you'll need, the process of making both juices and smoothies, the nutritional breakdown of the ingredients in green juicing, and wraps up with a stellar list of recipes, each coupled with the physical result it is best designed to achieve.
This book reveals not only the numerous benefits to be reaped from incorporating juicing into your life, but walks you through, step-by-step, the process of juicing and how to select the appropriate ingredients to achieve a palatable taste with desired health benefits. The Green Juicing Diet advised me every step of the way, from what blender to buy to a ton of delicious recipes that put all your nutritional needs into a go-to glass of refreshing green juice or smoothie! Every part of this book is easy to understand and yet goes into great, specific detail where pertinent. A great and thorough introduction to get you on your way to juicing toward a healthier life! It did, however, explain what kinds of fruits and vegetables are good for juicing and why I would want to consume them.

It aided me in deciding what was the right type of blender and juicer in the price range I was able to afford. Each ingredient listed included information about the color of the juice it produce, the amount 1 pound would yield, the flavor, and the nutrients it provides. It gives a general guideline on the length a cleanse should be along with the why's for you to determine yourself.
The recipe that stuck out the most and is on my to try list is the Thanksgiving in a glass.

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