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New kid on the block, Raw and Juicy have launched with a mega green cleanse which has no fruit juices added other than lemon, lime and grapefruit. What: Often seen in the hands of celebrities, Imbibery juices have a bit of a cult following. Experience our most powerful combination of 6 different alkalising and detoxifying green juices. Our cold pressed juices, mylks and tonics help flush away these toxins, nourish the body and rebalance the alkalinity and state of well being, as nature intended!
Our Juice Cleanses are made with organic, nutrient-rich ingredients, offer a wide range of health benefits and are designed with help of our health nutritionists. Choose a Juice Cleanse that is right for you depending on your experience, preferences and health goals. Pros: For me, it was better to have the soup element that just pure juicing because I almost felt like I was having an evening meal – something that's very important to me! How I felt: I really struggled on the first day of the detox, as I'd never tried a juicing plan before. Pros: I loved being able to choose which ingredients I wanted (I specifically asked for more fruit juices over vegetable ones) and they were all really tasty. Cons: I thought the drinks were quite small in portion, having seen other juices from other plans, so I did feel very hungry on the first day. How I felt: Before juicing I felt quite apprehensive as I didn't like the sound of many of the drinks because they were mainly vegetable based. The first juice, Hunger Buster, had charcoal in it so was an unappealing black colour and very thick, but I actually liked it the best out of all the drinks as it was fruit-based and tasted of melon.
Throughout the three days, I found it quite hard to drink the juices because certain ingredients were very overpowering, such as red pepper in the Body Guard and celery in the Green and Lean. I did feel extremely healthy drinking the juices though and felt as if my body was getting a full detox and taking in nutrients I wouldn't usually have on a day-to-day basis. I couldn't finish some of the juices as they were really large portions and as I didn't like some of the flavours, it put me off drinking them so I found I was moving on to the next drink quite quickly. Pros: The juices were very, very healthy as they were vegetable based and I would totally recommend them for people who love their veggies.
How I felt: Before the plan I was hoping that a juice cleanse would be the kick-start I needed to get myself back on track to losing weight.
During the first day I felt an overpowering hunger, but I was determined to see the cleanse through, and the second day was better in terms of the hunger as it became a background feeling. There is a recommended plan for you to follow for the days after the cleanse ends, but I didn’t follow it. Pros: I lost 6lbs, and in the following week while sticking to a diet plan I only gained 2lbs.

How I felt: I was really excited and raring to go for my cleanse, the first day didn't feel difficult at all and I definitely felt I was doing my body a lot of good.
Cons: The main con for me was having to have the same six juices each day as although they were nice and it was easy to follow the order, I didn't always enjoy having that volume of the same juices over the three days.
Pros: Emergency Juice in a Bar packets were included for the one time in the day I just had to bite on something (mainly when my colleagues were eating lunch).
So as much as we desperately want to do a juice cleanse, many of the juice delivery services are beyond January’s budget. The mantra of some detoxers is to go hard or go home and if you are going to cleanse properly, even naturally occuring sugars should be reduced. Although a lot of juice delivery companies now supply health stores, Lab Organic actually has its own Central London store. When not reading contracts or cooking, she can be found touring London's food hot spots or taking part in the latest fitness fad to work off all the food. Either way our Juice Cleanse is a great way to kick start your immune system, detoxify and purify your body and transition to a healthier diet and lifestyle!
If you would like to know more information about the Cleanse feel free to give us a call or email us. See your doctor or GP first if you are concerned about your health or to find out if a juice cleanse is right for you.
I found that I got really hungry every couple of hours and the one juice just didn't fill me up so at the end of the first day I went to bed hungry and quite cranky. No, because I really couldn't stomach the green-based drinks, but for veggie lovers it would be perfect so I would recommend it for hard-core juicers. On Purifyne there are four juices a day; a morning juice (carrot, beetroot and ginger) and then it is left up to you which order you drink your remaining bottles although it is recommended that you leave the celery drink for before bed. I didn’t feel tired or grumpy as many people often say can happen during a cleanse - which was lucky as I work an evening shift. The second and third days were harder because I was having the same series of juices and while there were more than enough (six per day), I wasn't looking forward to them as much as I'd had them before. I'm trying to keep up having lemon juice and water in the mornings as it's a nice way to start the day. The staff are friendly and well informed and can explain in detail how their cleanses work. Having spent a year living in the Nicaraguan jungle, she loves to travel but is always happiest at home in London. Choose your perfect Cleanse depending on your experience and goals whether you are looking for a 1 Day health reset or a longer cleanse. Consult your doctor or GP before considering doing a cleanse if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have diabetes, take prescription medicine, have stomach ulcers, suffer excessive fatigue, just underwent surgery, excessively underweight or under 18 years of age.

Online was compelled to see for ourselves whether living the healthy lifestyle of regular juicing was everything it’s made up to be. It even spurred me on to eat healthily after – I ate only vegetables the day after the cleanse.
It's great for a kickstart – someone who has put on weight and needs to get on track with their diet.
I felt juicing was not for me, but if I had to do another plan, I would do this one because of the fruit-based drinks. Each day ends with a Gazpacho drink so it's quite a nice change to just juice and feels like you're having a bit more of a meal. Another con – it doesn't provide much variety as you drink the same six juices a day. My skin improved, and most surprisingly, the juice cleanse has, so far, improved a health issue I suffered from.
I’ve already forgotten how tough the cleanse was and can only think about the results. At times it felt like there was too much of one thing, even of the ones I really liked such as the Green juice and the Exotic juice, and I wasn't always able to finish them.
I kept that in mind as a small bottle of this is included each day as well as a small portion of nuts with some of the juices. The cleanse also includes nut mylks and a protein drinks for those who workout so you consume just as much as with other cleanses. Our Cleanses are delivered in 1 and 2 Day boxes to your front door from 8-10am or between 6-8pm subject to delivery fee depending on your delivery post code. It is normal to experience light headaches, fatigue, irritation, constipation, nausea, mood swings or general feeling of being unwell in the beginning of the cleanse. The package also comes with special, extra clean water to revitalise you so you feel extra pure!
I would recommend this juice cleanse as a kick-start to a weight loss programme, or even as a pre-holiday cleanse to boost body confidence. There are four juices to drink per day at 420ml (two are always the same) and I loved that they were full of flavour and thick.

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