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I decided before I even began this year's Vegan Experience that an excellent vegan ramen broth would be one of my ultimate goals.
Traditional udon is made with dashi, a Japanese broth made from kombu (giant sea kelp) and katsuobushi (dried, smoked, shaved bonito flakes). MSG gets a bad rap in the Western world, but if you've ever had a really good Japanese soup—ramen, udon, miso soup, whatever—then you've been eating it, whether extracted from a natural source like kombu, or added in powdered form. Many recipes for vegan Japanese soup base end right there, but I find a kombu-only broth to be rather bland, especially when I'm used to the flavor punch of katsuobushi in my dashi. I hope everyone's brought their gas masks, because we're now deep into the foothills of mount ramen, and the air up there gets mighty thin!
Divide the noodles, hardboiled eggs, bamboo shoots, corn and spinach among 4 large serving bowls.
I just watched the movie the ramen girl and was fascinated about the ramen, i love cooking but i didn’t know anything about it (ignorant me :-), i had such a good time reading your article and also got very excited about trying to cook it! Most are not 100% traditional – fact is, alot of Japanese cooking has some form of fish in it (as fish is the base of most stocks).
Cold Tofu – served simple, this is a classic Japanese side dish, perfect for hot summer days.

Cold Somen Noodles with Vegan Dipping Sauce – classic traditional Japanese noodles made vegan. Given that its Chinese origins make it generally a far punchier, richer dish than its other Japanese noodly brethren soba (buckwheat noodles) or udon (thick wheat noodles), I decided that I'd start my much-expected journey by exploring the foothills of mount ramen. Some recipes call for reinforcing that savory flavor using dried shiitake mushrooms, but after trying it, I can't recommend it—the shiitakes overwhelm everything with their intense flavor, which is far more potent in dried form than in fresh. Though truthfully, the only part of this recipe that I follow is a) the miso soup base and b) cooking the ramen noodles. Add the ramen noodles and cook according to package instructions (most ramen noodles only take 3 minutes to cook.) Drain and rinse with cold water to stop the cooking. Have been on a nearly 30 year search for good ramen noodles and broth since leaving Japan in the mid 80’s. I’ve only previously had the packaged noodle with the flavor packet, until last week when I stumbled upon your recipe and decide to give it a try. I’ve been looking for a ramen recipe for it seems like forever – this seems to be it! I’ve also been known to rip open one of those 29 cent instant ramen noodle packages and use the noodles from the package, throwing away the spice pack.

Take your favourite ingredients from the above list, and pick out your favourite instant ramen. From the looks of it, the recipe calls for the granules to be used instead of the dashi itself.
I live in a smaller city so fresh is out of the question and the local Asian places do not have the discipline of ramen. I recommend imported Japanese brands over domestic (some Japanese brands have set up operations in North America). Simply add your favourite items as the noodles are boiling depending on the required cook time.

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