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At the top of the inverse Pyramid you will see that having an active lifestyle is very important along with drinking water. If you start with these two food groups, you can most likely consume them together when eating noodles soups since many are acommpanied with many types of vegetables.
Overall you will notice how this food pyramid correlates strongly with a traditional Japanese meal at dinner time.
The Famous Pyramids of FoodPosted on January 1, 2007 by David Leonhardt • 3 CommentsDiets do vary in different parts of the world, but the pyramids of food are universal.

Below are a number of food pyramids from various locations, although many of them no longer use the pyramid structure. The Indian food pyramid includes milk with proteins – but then it divides proteins in three. These modern pyramids are not built from rocks and sand, but rather from scientific knowledge about what is good for the human body. As important as hydration and fitness are to your health (so are sleep and sanitation, by the way), there are not directly part of the nutrition.

The Canadian and western European pyramids place a great deal of value on dairy products, a nod to a very strong dairy industry lobby.

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