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Fresh fish in sushi rolls or sashimi (thin slices of raw fish) are also packed with protein and healthy fats.
Rice is a staple of Japanese cuisine; whether it’s wrapped in a sushi roll or served with chicken teriyaki, it’s a good quality carbohydrate that’s low in fat. Pick up sticks: Chowing down with chopsticks can help slow eating speed, which may ultimately decrease the amount of food eaten. Please your palate: One study found that while the French associate food with pleasure (as opposed to health), the country has lower rates of obesity and cardiovascular disease than the US. Spice it up: Indian cuisine features tons of spices, which add yummy flavor, appealing color, and surprising health benefits. Practice proportion control: The health benefits of the Mediterranean diet are old news at this point.
Try rye: Although veggies don’t play a starring role, Scandinavian cuisine still has several healthy elements. Go local: The “Standard American Diet” (SAD) is indeed sad, but some regional dietary patterns offer healthier alternatives.
Research has shown slower eating may lead to reduced caloric intake, and one Japanese study found that the odds for being obese and having cardiovascular disease were higher among people who ate faster. Monosodium Glutamate has been linked with a number of negative health effects, including headaches and numbness, in certain people.
Ironically, Americans are more concerned with the health aspects of food and get less pleasure out of it.

A pasta-heavy diet has been shown to increase cardiovascular risk and blood glucose in otherwise healthy Italians.
Although dishes like spanakopita and baklava contain some healthy ingredients (like spinach and nuts), the buttery pastry provides quite a bit of refined carbohydrates. Look to San Francisco for inspiration  — Frisco residents are known for chowing down on locally grown food. Pizza, cheeseburgers, and French fries are obvious “skip” foods, but there are a number of potentially harmful chemicals in American food. All of these diets emphasize eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, legumes, and healthy fats, as well as simply savoring meals. Japanese menus have many healthy options — follow these tips to keep your order light and fresh. The good news is that everyone can borrow healthy eating habits from countries around the world — and leave some less-wholesome practices on foreign soil. One unexpected habit to steal from Japanese eating culture is the emphasis placed on food’s appearance. Avoid sushi such as maguro (tuna) and nama-saba(mackerel) and go for safer options like sake (salmon), ebi (shrimp), and ika(squid) instead. Though the research is still somewhat inconclusive, avoid the unpleasant side effects by preparing Chinese food at home or ordering from restaurants that don’t use MSG. Stick with more nutritious options like oatmeal or yogurt for everyday, and save the pastry for an occasional treat.

Give Italian night a healthy makeover by subbing spaghetti squash for regular noodles and top with a veggie-rich sauce. Whole-wheat bread gets attention for its health benefits, but whole-grain rye flour is just as nutritionally impressive.
Read nutrition labels carefully — in general, the shorter the ingredient list, the fewer chemicals and additives in a given food.
Keep in mind that these habits come from traditional diets found in these countries — with globalization, some foods and eating habits have migrated around the world (for better or for worse). Small portions and colorful, seasonal vegetables make for a visually appealing — and healthy — plate.
Try a phyllo-less version of spanakopita for a healthier alternative and trade out the baklava for some honey-sweetened Greek yogurt as dessert. Mix-and-match elements from these different diets to create your own personalized version of healthy eating. For example, les steaks hachés sounds like a typical French food, but it’s actually the meaty part of Le Big Mac (and hardly part of traditional cuisine). The small portions may help to keep calories in check, while bright veggies provide a range of healthy vitamins and minerals.

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