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In a small bowl mix the jerk marinade (use your fav) and orange juice, then brush it onto both sides of each fish. Picked up 2 pound and a half each Yellow Snappers i picked up at a local Whole Foods just for something like this because they looked irresistible. Quick and easy spiced fish combine with classic rice and peas in this Jamaican-style supper.
Add the kidney beans and thyme, reduce the heat and simmer, covered, for about 20 minutes, or until the rice is cooked.
I agree that making your own jerk marinade is much better and using a grill with coals and pimento wood is what true Jamaican jerk is all about.

As well will get to test out the recently bought Jerk seasoning from my local Caribbean market store.
Cut two slits on the back (both sides) of each fish to allow for the jerk marinade to penetrate and do all-kinda good things. I like to keep all my online recipes in one area and if you had a pinterest button you would get so many more followers!
Seasoned to perfection and marinated for a couple hrs before they’re dusted in flour and pan fried, this recipe can be adopted for any fish you like. This recipe will also work great with fish fillets (bones removed) so that would be a good option if you plan serving this to kids.

Important, do read the label of the jerk marinade you use to ensure it meets with your gluten free dietary needs.

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